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Wireless Charging In Galaxy S5?

Galaxy S5 Oct 26,2013 3 Comments

A big part, or should I say, the whole tech world is eagerly waiting for Galaxy S5 to go official. It’s been several months since the rumors about this next flagship of Samsung have been surfacing over the web. We have got many details about this upcoming Galaxy flagship device. Although no official words have come so far, but still, the rumors have helped us to make a virtual image of what could be there in Galaxy S5. In the continuously growing rumor mill, a new rumor has got added. As per this new addition, the wireless charging could be there in Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 wireless charging powered by proxi

As per most of recent reports about Galaxy S5, this one has come from the Korean website ETNews. As per the report, the South Korean firm is working on the exciting wireless technology that it will be adopting in its upcoming premium devices, and the trend could start from the Galaxy S5. The report says that Samsung is working with PowerbyProxi, which is a New Zealand startup.

You might remember that Samsung recently invested $4 million into the PowerbyProxi to make the wireless charging possible in the future smartphones, and thus to deliver a new experience to its esteemed users. This Samsung supported startup is developing magnetic resonance charging solution. This solution is totally different from any other solution that is available today.

As per the solutions available today, means what Nokia and some other vendors have got, a device gets charged wirelessly only when it is placed on a special pad. Although this makes the wireless charging possible, but is somewhat inconvenient.  As per the users who have tried the wireless charging, their experience with it was not as that good as they thought it would be.

Magnetic resonance charging solution will, hopefully, enhance the experience. This under-development solution will let the devices get charged wirelessly even when a small portion of them will be touching the charging base. This is not enough yet. With this solution, the devices will be able to get charged even when there will be any obstruction between device and charger. The users will be able to charge devices even while keeping them a few centimeter away from the pad. So no ‘Force’ to keep the device on charging pad. A big convenience indeed.

Samsung has been working hard to keep itself at the top in the list of smartphone makers. The company has been working on developing many new technologies, and has also been adopting the good features of the competitors. By bringing the magnetic resonance charging solution in its premium smartphones, the Samsung will start a new trend in the wireless charging field. Of course, it will help company earn applause from each and every.

Magnetic resonance charging solution is something ‘fact’ , but it’s not sure if it would be there in Galaxy S5 or not. Well, Samsung will surely like to bring it in Samsung Galaxy S5. It will help company get more attraction for this esteemed upcoming device than any device of its rivals.

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3 Responses to "Wireless Charging In Galaxy S5?"

  1. Sounds interesting, I’ll happily buy S5 if it comes with wireless charging technology which doesn’t force to place your phone on charging pad. Wireless charging will really become big if it lets you use your phone while its getting charged.

  2. Cool but only useful in homes really. Individuals will still have to take a smaller charge device when going away for weekend, unless…………….. Tech is developed enough to be flexied into suitcase lining, or handbag, or wallet. ie credit card size that will charge phone while in pocket or handbag. Then you will have the world, ad we will all want one each. Now how to get power to the charger……….? Solar, w new fast charge capacitor.?
    I suspect a few years off yet. Hope someone is working on it.

  3. I use one of the 2-in-1 wireless charger from RAVPower. It’s convenient. I can use it to charge my phone and tablet (connected via a USB cable) at the same time.

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