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Galaxy S5 To Come With Tizen Instead Of Android?

Galaxy S5 Sep 23,2013 2 Comments

We have got a bunch of rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S5 so far. These rumors are highly likely to become denser with the passage of time. In the hottest discussions about the smartphone, one is about its OS. The most recent rumors have it that this next Galaxy flagship device would come up with Tizen OS. These recent rumors are completely off the track from those surfaced a time ago, as they did not focus the operating system part, but only the hardware part.

Galaxy S5 With Tizen OS

The rumors about the possible inclusion of Tizen OS in the Galaxy S5 have once again setup a dilemma in the minds of those who have been following every single update about the smartphone. The rumors about Samsung opting for any other OS than the Android are somewhat hard to digest. Why? Because Samsung’s Galaxy S series is reserved for Samsung Android flagship devices only. Tizen is an OS developed by Samsung itself, so they will more likely launch a different series of smartphones with Tizen OS, just like the Wave series for Bada OS.

While many rumors claim that Samsung Galaxy S5 will run the Tizen OS, many rumors have it that this upcoming Galaxy device would be available in both operating systems. This may be weird to hear, and does not seem possible to me. As per the rumors, Samsung may make the Galaxy S5 with different OS available in different regions. Means, in some regions, Galaxy S5 with Android OS, while in the others, Galaxy S5 with Tizen.

Our take on Tizen OS rumors:

Well, there is no way Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S5 with Tizen OS or with both Android and Tizen OS. It will most likely come with Android 4.4 Kit Kat unless Google launches any newer version of Android, which is not likely to happen because Kit Kat is just announced. Websites reporting the rumors about Galaxy S5 with Tizen OS don’t have any source to back their claims. It all started when a Galaxy S4 developer unit running Tizen OS was shown in Indonesia. Some fans started speculating that Samsung might launch Galaxy S5 with Tizen OS and the rumors spread over the web.

As per the rumors surfaced so far, it is most likely that Samsung won’t use plastic for the body of Galaxy S5. The smartphone will have flexible display and fingerprint technology. 64-bit processor chip rumors have also been there. The smartphone is rumored to release in March of next year.

We want to know from you if you will appreciate the idea of Galaxy S5’s availability in two different OS? Drop your views in the comment box.

2 Responses to "Galaxy S5 To Come With Tizen Instead Of Android?"

  1. Thanks for clearing this fuss about Galaxy S5 with Tizen OS. I was also wondering why Samsung would take risk by launching S5 with this new OS. It will kill the sales and will also finish the Tizen OS.

    I agree they will launch a new series of phones for Tizen OS. Just like Galaxy series reserved for Android and Wave series for Bada.

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