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How to take screenshot on Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Feb 26,2014 3 Comments

The Samsung has finally drawn the curtains over its new Galaxy S5 at the unpacked event at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The new Samsung Galaxy is truly mesmerizing the people at the event with the features it has got.

Though, those who are very keen to buy the new Galaxy S5 have to wait till April 11 as of this date only the Samsung will make the phone available worldwide.

So, what to do till then? Well, let’s just get familiar with some functions of your upcoming phone. I bet you’ve memorized the specs already, I’ll now tell you about how to take screenshot in Galaxy S5.

Over the time, all the android phones have made it easier to take the screen shot using some combination buttons and Samsung is no exception to that. However, the high class phone like Galaxy S5 has to have something different from the normal to justify the fact that yes it is the trendsetter.

Well, there are two methods, using which you can take the screenshots on the Galaxy S5. Here below is the description about them.

The Regular Method

The regular method is common for all the Samsung smartphones who has the touch facility with them. It is just simply pressing a combination of buttons available at the side of the phone.

The Galaxy S5 also uses this method to take the screenshot. Here is the how you’ll do it.

  • Press and hold the ‘power’ and ‘home’ button together for 2-3 seconds until you hear a shutter sound.
  • Once you hear the sound, then it’s the confirmation that the screenshot has been taken.
  • You can find this screenshot in the notification area and simply can do what you want like save to the gallery or discard it.

how to take a screenshot on samsung galaxy s5

The above method is the simplest method to use and become skilled swiftly to take the screenshot on your Galaxy S5.

The second method which I’m going to describe below requires a little extra carefulness from you while performing as it won’t use any buttons, but your palm.

The palm swipe method

This Palm method is something which clearly gives you the feel that you owe a real masterpiece of engineering by Samsung. If you opt for this method for taking the screenshot, then you must practice it 2-3 times to get exactly you want.

Here is the process to do it.

  • First of all, just go to the ‘settings>my device>motion and gesture>palm motion’ and check the box to right.
  • Once you’ve enabled the palm option from the settings then just keep your hand on the right side of the screen covering the full view.
  • Now, just move your hand on the screen from right to left to take the screenshot and again you’ll hear the shutter sound as confirmation.

how to screenshot galaxy s5 with palm motion

The thing which you need to take care about this method is that how speedily and with how much pressure you need to move your hand across the screen.

That I guess is the matter of practice and you’ll get used to that in just 4-5 tries. Besides, if you don’t get what you want using the above method, then you can go for the usual combination button method.

Wrap Up

The screenshot taking process has really been made so easy by the android phones nowadays and the Samsung also follows the trend. Alongside, with its ‘palm moving’ method, it gives you the feel that you owe a true smartphone which has the minimum button use.

Having any difficulties in taking a screenshot on your Galaxy S5? Comment below and we’ll try to help you.


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  1. I just can’t take a screenshot on my s5. the button combination doesn’t work and there’s no palm swipe option under motions and gestures.pls held as soon as possible

  2. If I use the swipe method it will change pages

  3. I have sasamsung galaxy S5 I tried hard to make screen shot by using both method but unable to make it.plz help me to mske screen shot .

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