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Samsung teases Galaxy S5 details, new Gear and iris scanning

Galaxy S5 Jan 12,2014 0 Comments

Just fold the pages of tech news and blogs, you will surely find something new about the upcoming Galaxy S5. Guess what? You folded it now, and here you are getting served with new news about the same. Samsung has teased more details about this much anticipated device. The company plans to sell this smartphone by April. The much rumored and most likely the most interesting feature, the eye scanning technology is being studied by the company for the first time. Samsung wants to make sure that the device is powerful enough to compete against Apple devices, and some other tough competitors like Sony, HTC.

galaxy s5 front camera eye scanner

The possible March or April release date for the Galaxy S5 came from  Lee Young Hee’s interview on Jan 6. Lee Young Hee is executive vice president of the company’s mobile business. As per him, the company aims to launch Galaxy S5 in-line with the previous Galaxy-series premium devices. The possible release date indicates the launch of smartphone after the Mobile World Congress in February.

As per Lee, the company will launch a new Gear smartwatch with advanced features for Galaxy S5. The first Gear smartwatch was launched with esteemed Galaxy Note 3. With Android 4.3 update, Samsung extended the support to Galaxy S4, S3 and Note II, as well. New Galaxy Gear smartwatch for Galaxy S5 will surely be a plus point in smartphone’s profile, as if we take experts’ advice anything to go with, the next era is of smartwatches, and these will become fashion accessories. Gear for Galaxy S5 will help company compete with Apple in better way.

As per December’s report of ZDnet Korea, Samsung’s  iris scanning technology will be company’s answer to TouchID fingerprint scanner technology of iPhone 5S. When questioned about this, Lee did not give any proper answer. He just said that company is exploring the possibility in this.

For past few months, there have been rumors about Samsung working on better display and metal output for Galaxy S5. No indication about this came from Lee when he was questioned about that. But he accepted that customers are not happy from plastic design of company’s flagship devices.

A few days ago, there was news that Samsung would rely upon Sharp for display of Galaxy S5. It would help company meet the demand and also make good use of its 3 percent stake in Sharp.

Not only the iris technology and new Gear smartwatch, but there are many more reasons why Galaxy S5 is being awaited by millions of people worldwide. 4GB RAM, ISOCELL camera technology are some of the features that people are excited to get their hands on.

Until we get some official confirmation about Galaxy S5’s features, the rumors will keep hitting the virtual world of web. Take them all with pinch of salt, and stay updated with us to know about what’s next in box of rumors.



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