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Samsung to shift focus from Galaxy S5 to tablets and mid range phones?

Galaxy S5 Nov 07,2013 0 Comments

Everyone related to tech world is talking about Samsung nowadays. The company’s upcoming devices, the possible Galaxy S5 and Note 4, are highly rumored in the tech industry. Both of these are going to launch in next year. It’s good that fans will be getting their hands on these devices, but let’s think from business prospective a bit. Will these two devices be Samsung’s only focus in 2014? If we take the report coming from Korean media anything to go with, then in 2014, Samsung will focus on tablets and mid-range phones. These two areas will be where Samsung will be looking to rule.

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The report of Korean media is something tough to believe, as it is because of high-end devices only that Samsung is enjoying the first spot in the list of all mobile companies. High-end devices have helped company achieve a brand value, a value that has built the customers’ trust on company’s products. But this report does make sense. Samsung’s focus on tablets and mid-range phones will help it catch attention of those who look for these particular devices only. This will ultimately result in increment of company’s user base, and thus, more and more bucks in company’s fortune.

The other thing that makes us believe this report is the company’s ongoing sales of its high-end devices. As per the report of G for Games, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 did well in market, and is still doing the same, but it has not been up to the company’s expectations. Samsung expected to sell 100 million units of Galaxy S4 by the end of this year, but the actual sales figures are not even close. Such a big dip in the expected sales mark and revenue will only get covered by increasing the user base, which is possible by focusing the tablets and mid-range phones, as most of people look for them.

As per the Korean media, the Samsung is enjoying growth in its sales mark. Next year, the company is expected to sell 360 million smartphones. Out of this huge sales count, mere 35 percent will be covered by premium devices. So, most of the company’s business will be coming from tablets and mid-range phones.

Samsung’s rival Apple also seems to finally understand the power of launching cheap devices. Company recently launched iPhone 5C, which is meant for those who always wished to buy Apple smartphone but could not do so because of budget problem.

It’s somewhat easy for Samsung to rule the mid-range phones’ market. People with low budget would like to buy Samsung’s mid-range phones rather than any cheap unbranded product.

The tablet industry is bit competitive, but considering Samsung’s efforts, it’s most likely that the company can rule it too.

This is surely good news for those who like to invest money on tablets and mid-range phones. Are you one of them? Interested to see what Samsung brings for you in 2014?

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