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Samsung Galaxy S5 official teaser video

Galaxy S5 Feb 21,2014 0 Comments

The mobile world congress is just about 3 days to go and the most awaited Samsung’s next Galaxy is on the radar for the whole world. The Samsung has promised the world to change the smartphone era after the introduction of this phone.

samsung galaxy s5 teaser

The Samsung will introduce this phone at the UNPACKED event as a legacy on the very first day of the MWC on 24th February. However, the teaser of the latest unpacked event has been made available for you guys. Check it out below.

The teaser is much more emphasizing on the features what the next Galaxy phone will have. The video doesn’t revel even a single inch of how the phone will look, but, the words which were shown in the video suggest that the phone is going to be something breathtaking.

The words like fit, outdoor, stand out, social and more suggest that this is going to be a one piece of its kind on the planet and will surprise everyone.

The words like selfie and focus are clearly mentioning that the next Galaxy will focus more on the user than its predecessors. Camera will surely be much approved in this beast. The Samsung also looks to follow the Apple’s move on the various apps like video and camera functions.

The words wet, family, connect, relax, alive, peace and more are totally saying that the pool of apps this phone will have would be amazing. The phone will have each and every app under each niche like fitness, social, lifestyle, gaming and more.

The surprise word is one who caught my eye sights very much as the phone is definitely promising a magnificent looks or power I guess. Well, the curtains are soon going to be up so we just have to wait for 72 hours only.

Wrap Up

The next Galaxy Phone is going to be a milestone, if all the features which have been popped on the screen while watching the teaser are true.

Stay tuned for more news and latest updates of MWC which is going to start just after 3 days.

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