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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Possible specs and release date

Galaxy S5 Nov 22,2013 9 Comments

The Galaxy S5 Mini, as the name says, will be a younger sibling of esteemed Galaxy S5. And since the Samsung’s trend of launching ‘Mini’ variants of its premium Galaxy devices is nothing new, so it’s not tough for a die-hard follower of the company to understand that there will be a Galaxy S5 Mini too.

Samsung started the trend with ‘Galaxy S3 Mini’ in 2012. This year, Galaxy S4’s Mini version was launched. Other companies are also launching mini versions of their flagship devices. Companies know that everyone could not afford their highly priced flagship smartphones, so what they do is launch a smaller version of the phone with lower specs, size and price. This tactic has been proven to be successful so far, so there is no doubt that Samsung would like to launch a Mini version of S5 too.

galaxy s5 curved mini

A Galaxy S5 concept

Although, there is no information yet about its possible specs, but we can speculate its possible specs based on Galaxy S5 rumored specs and current trends of smartphones in this range. The sure-something is that this ‘Mini’ version of Galaxy S5 will pack lower hardware and software features as compared to Galaxy S5. Come on, that is only that will make it ‘younger sibling’ of S5.

Of course, not only the features, but the device will pack smaller screen size as compared to Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 Mini could be blessed with 4.3 to 4.6 inch screen. Galaxy S4 Mini has 4.3 inch screen, but if Samsung decides to increase the screen size of Galaxy S5, which is quite possible, than screen size of its mini version will also be increased little bit. Even past records justify it. S3 Mini featured 4.0 inch screen size and S4 mini has 4.3 inch display size. So, expect the screen size to be around 4.6 inch.

Galaxy S5 is being rumored to feature 64-bit processor but that won’t be the part of S5 Mini. It could feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.9GHz processor. The device could offer 8GB of internal storage with an option of expanding the memory with microSD card. RAM could be around 2GB. We can expect S5 Mini to run on latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat, but Samsung could opt for Android 4.3 too with an option to upgrade to 4.4 later on.

In the camera part, Galaxy S5 Mini could offer you 10MP Primary Camera. A Secondary Camera will be there for video calling purposes. It’s not known if the device will come up with removable battery or a non-removable one. Chances of happening of latter are more.

Galaxy S5 Mini release date & price:

Talking about the release date, we can guess it by looking at past release dates of Mini versions of the premium Galaxy S series phones. S3 Mini was released about 6 months later after the launch of Galaxy S3 and S4 Mini was released just after 3 months of Galaxy S4 being released. Galaxy S5 Mini could also be released 3-4 months after the Galaxy S5 release date. In case you don’t know, Galaxy S5 is said to be releasing in March or April 2014.
Nothing is known about the price so far. Obviously, the price tag will be lesser than that of Galaxy S5’s. The release date is too far from now. More and more rumors will be pouring in with the passage of time. We’ll keep you posted with them. Stay tuned!


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9 Responses to "Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Possible specs and release date"

  1. Same hardware specs just make it for smaller people……… Bigger is not better. That is what put me off Note 3. Loved the stylus, hated the size.

  2. Can i be the first to have it.

  3. Mini with full specs please. I want the exact same specs including the screen resolution in a smaller device. (much like what Apple did with the iPad Mini Retina) I wouldn’t mind paying more for this than the flagship. There are other galaxy lines that can be used for ‘budget’. Mini does not have to equal budget.

  4. CC

    My spec request – please Samsung:
    Display – 4.3 – 4.5
    Dimensions: please no larger than 5.0″ x 2.5-2.6″ – much better size to “pocket it”
    DUAL Sim cards
    REMOVABLE Battery
    Android 4.4 – with release (why wait until later?)
    Release date – same as the S5

  5. I agree with the thoughts and ideas from the others. I don’t mind the price. it’s the size of the phone. they seem to be getting bigger. that is hard for a person to carry in their pocket or purse. Please give us the same specs, but in a smaller phone.

  6. I love watching movies on my phone. S5 perfect for this.

  7. When will the Samsung galaxy s5 mini be available in the USA at Verizon??

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