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Samsung Galaxy S5 Flexible Display Rumors

Galaxy S5 Aug 16,2013 2 Comments

The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5 have been surfacing since the release of Galaxy S4. This is somewhat quite shocking when rumors about the next smartphone start while the last one just gets released. Well, not shocking in this case, as it’s about Samsung, the company that is  on new products all the time. We have seen rumors, claims about every single hardware and software part of Galaxy S5 so far. The most targeted parts of rumor spreaders seem to be Display and outer look of the smartphone. Let’s take a look at the Galaxy S5’s display screen rumors.

When the Galaxy S4 was just a few days old, then we had the rumor about Galaxy S5 claiming that this Galaxy device would come up with flexible display. A concept from Mobileaks, which was claimed to be of Galaxy S5, surfaced the web. It was suggested in that concept that Galaxy S5 would come up with foldable display with no Home button in it. The rumor about the Galaxy S5 with no Home button spread over the web like fire. It took the hopes of Galaxy fans high. It was said at that time that Samsung is already working to make flexible display possible. However this concept does not look much closer to the reality.

galaxy s5 concept

A Galaxy S5 concept by MobiLeaks with foldable display.

While these rumors made everyone hope for flexible display in Galaxy S5, some rumors were there that had gotten totally opposite to scream. The mix-up of these rumors did not lead to any result, but immense confusion, and path for the new rumors.

A few months ago, a report coming from the source close to Samsung, claimed that Galaxy S5 would feature “Youm” OLED display. Well, this technology will be part of smartphone if it hits the stores next year. If Samsung releases the Galaxy S5 in this year, then forget about getting this amazing display technology. By the way, 2013 release date for Galaxy S5 is something just a myth, nothing like that gonna happen. So, the hopes are still there that Galaxy S5 would deliver an ‘out-of-box’ display experience.

Samsung YOUM flexible display in s5

Samsung’s flexible YOUM display.

If Galaxy S5 comes with YOUM flexible display, then this is what it might look like, Check out the video below:

Apart from the aforementioned rumors, there are many that say Galaxy S5 would feature water-and-dust proof display. If this happens then Samsung Galaxy S5 will surely earn admires from people like me who are always concerned about the safety of their smartphone. By the way, water-and-dust proof display is most likely to happen, as Samsung knows how to make it happen (Galaxy S4 Active). So it does not require any research.

Of course, just like any other hardware or software part, the display part is highly rumored. All rumors create an immense confusion about what could be actual display part in the Galaxy S5. If you ask me to sum-up all the rumors and give the most up-to-date info, then I would say, expect to see 5-inch AMOLED Plus Display with full HD resolution. About the flexible display and other rumors, let’s wait for more time to make any decision.




2 Responses to "Samsung Galaxy S5 Flexible Display Rumors"

  1. Leh

    Wow! Love this thing. I’m waiting for the day when you can wear the phone on your wrist as a watch or just fold it and put it in your pocket.

  2. This looks cool but I think flexible display technology is still in it’s early days and it’ll take time to be the part of a flagship device. Samsung can’t take a chance by introducing a brand new technology which still probably need to be tested in their flagship phone.

    They might launch a new phone featuring this technology or it could become the part of Galaxy S6, but it won’t be in Galaxy S5, IMO.

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