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Samsung Galaxy S5 With 64-bit Exynos processor?

Galaxy S5 Sep 24,2013 2 Comments

Who out of you are desperately waiting for the Galaxy S5? You? You? Seems everyone! The best way to pass the gap of time that is left between us and the next flagship Galaxy is to keep ourselves updated with the latest rumors and leaks coming in this aspect. If you have been doing it pretty well, then you must be having an image of Galaxy S5 in your mind (If not, check out our concept of Galaxy S5). So what processor is there in that imaginary Galaxy S5? I am sure you all are having different processors in your own-imagined Galaxy S5, because you all have relied on different rumors for that. The processor of Galaxy S5 is by far the hottest part that has been quoted in several rumors, claims, leaks.

If you take the majority of anything as reality, as best possibility, then you will surely be in the favor of claim that Galaxy S5 would come up with 64-bit processor. The processor has always been the catchiest part of Samsung flagship devices. The rumors say that the company will open the eyes of its competitors by launching Galaxy S5 with 64-bit processor in it. According to a recent study, the development part for this 64-bit processor is almost finished, and it is all set to rock the next flagship devices of Samsung, which possibly includes the name of Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 64 bit processor exynos 5 octa

The talks of possible inclusion of 64-bit processor in Galaxy S5 caught the fire after the interview of Shin Jong Kyun, Samsung’s CEO of Mobile, with the Korea Times. Below is quoted excerpt of what Kyun said:

Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality,

So the CEO announced that 64-bit processors will be there in next smartphones made by Samsung. Although he did not take the name of Galaxy S5 anywhere, but it’s easily judgmental that the series of 64-bit Samsung smartphones will start from the most rumored Galaxy S5 itself. If this really happens, then the Galaxy S5 will proudly steal the tag of being the fastest smartphone of all time.

According to the sources close to the tech giant, 64-bit chip from Samsung’s Exynos line up is in the final stage of development. It is being expected that chipset will tout the ARM Cortex-A50 architecture which will make the 64-bit processing for a mobile device possible. As per the reports, this chipset will also power the upcoming tablet devices from Samsung.

Although most of rumors support the possibility of 64-bit processor in Galaxy S5, a few are against, too. As per those ‘few’ rumors, Samsung won’t use this processor as it would take the price high, resulting in less attraction in the device, especially in markets like China, Japan and India. Apple is working at its best to boost its market in the same markets. The Samsung won’t like to make the space easy by bringing the Galaxy S5 with high price tag.

Which rumors to accept? I would accept the majority, means I believe that there could be a 64-bit processor in the Galaxy S5. To keep itself attractive in the aforesaid markets, the Samsung will launch Galaxy S5 with a different chip in those regions. Not a big deal!

Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5S comes with an A7 64-bit and Samsung will have to come up with 64 bit processor in Galaxy S5 too to keep up with Apple. Just feel you have the smartphone running at that whopping speed. It would be amazing, right? Let’s see if we actually get the chance to taste that ‘amazing’ experience in Galaxy S5.

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2 Responses to "Samsung Galaxy S5 With 64-bit Exynos processor?"

  1. 64-bit chip will be amazing guys! All these rumors sound so good, I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone. And your concept is amazing too. Hope Sammy will notice it.

  2. Interesting! Apple has already introduced it and Samsung won’t stay behind. I read somewhere that they are working on 64-bit chip since April 2013, so I won’t be surprise if S5 comes with 64 bit processor.

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