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Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Not Come With Fingerprint Technology

Galaxy S5 Sep 28,2013 3 Comments

By blessing iPhone 5S with fingerprint technology (called Touch ID), Apple has initiated the trend of smartphones with new technology. The rumors about possible inclusion of this technology in the unannounced Galaxy S5 were already there before Apple brought it in iPhone 5S. A significant positive change in these rumors have been noted after the Touch ID in iPhone 5S. You might be excited to see Galaxy S5 with fingerprint technology in it, are you? Well, sorry guys! The latest reports coming in this aspect suggest that Galaxy S5 could skip fingerprint technology.

galaxy s5 fingerprint scanner

This report comes from Korea Herald, which states that the fingerprint technology is not yet ready to find its place in Samsung smartphones. The report completely rejects all rumors that claim the inclusion of fingerprint in Galaxy S5. As per the report, the fingerprint technology will house in the Samsung premium devices in late 2014. So there is possibility of seeing this technology in Galaxy Note 4.

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The report citing an un-named Samsung executive says that Samsung is not yet developing the technology. Talking in this matter, Kim Hye-yong says that in order to make the fingerprint technology possible in its smartphones, Samsung will have to use another Korean company named Crucialtec. Hye-yong is an analyst of Woori Investment & Securities in Seoul. He further says that after the acquisition of Authentec in 2012 by Apple, it has gone way ahead than any other company, and even the combination of Samsung and Crucialtech is not near to its high level. According to him, it may take a year or more for the combination to touch the level of Apple.

According to Hyundai Securities analyst Yoon Jung-sun, it would be best for Samsung to bring this technology anytime later. In the meantime, company can see if the Apple’s fingerprint technology impresses the customers. The Apple’s performance will help Samsung understand the demand of fingerprint technology in its own smartphones.

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If we see all this matter from competition angle, then not including the fingerprint technology in Galaxy S5 is what is going to work against the Samsung. iPhone 5S has caught attention with Touch ID. The best way for Samsung to get this attention to its unannounced Galaxy S5 is to introduce the same technology in it. But wait! That’s just one prospective, the other works in favor of Samsung. The favoring one is that by introducing the fingerprint technology later on, Samsung will be able to deliver a ‘better’ technology. In just a few days of launch, the hackers have successfully lifted fingerprint and unlocked iPhone 5S using some techniques. These flaws, drawbacks will help Samsung make a high-end fingerprint technology.

Would you admire the Galaxy S5 without fingerprint technology in it? Would you like to invest money on a high-end device without today’s fresh and high-end technology in it? Do let us know about the impact of this ‘sad’ news on you.

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  1. I’m glad. I see the fingerprint stuff to be another gimmicky bloat ware feature.

  2. non vedo lora che s5 venga fuori

  3. fingerprint is the worst thing ever makes it easier for cops and gov to get hold of u without them wasting any time to find who these finger prints belongs 2

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