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New Reports: Galaxy S5 To Be Released In January 2014

Galaxy S5 Oct 14,2013 0 Comments

The smartphone makers nowadays are following a strict launch period with their flagship devices. Samsung is one of such makers. This South Korean firm has been consistent with releasing its line-up of premium Galaxy devices. But if the latest reports are to be believed, Samsung won’t be following the yearly-launch pattern with Galaxy S5. It would release the Galaxy S5 before letting the Galaxy S4 become 1-year-old. The latest report has pulled all previous reports, rumors and claims from the seeds, that were suggesting the April or May, 2014 release date of Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Release Date In January 2014

As per the latest report that we have, Samsung could launch its next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the first month of next year. This report comes from South Korean news site Naver. The report has in it that Samsung will be launching Galaxy S5 in the January and will go for sale in the following month, means in February, 2014. So, all Samsung fans will be getting treated with much awaited Galaxy S5 in the very start of the year. Perfect celebration of ‘New Year’ for all the Samsung fans.

It is there in the report that Samsung is not satisfied from the sales graph of Galaxy S4. The sales did not go in the way as it was expected to be. Moreover, the company does not think that Galaxy Smartwatch or any other device can help it in taking the sales curve upwards. So, the only smartphone that can do the magic, and can keep Samsung shining at the top of chart, is Samsung Galaxy S5. Of course, it will break company’s trend of launching premium Galaxy series devices, as the Galaxy S and Galaxy S3 did not get their successor for a year. Galaxy S2 did not get the successor for 15 months. But, unfortunately, Galaxy S4 could get its successor in less than a year.

The report continues that 64-bit eight-core Exynos 5430 chipset with Heteregenous Multi-Processing (HMP) technology, will be there in Samsung Galaxy S5. This esteemed technology will allow all eight cores to work together. However, there have been rumors of Samsung dropping 64-bit processor for S5.

The new rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5 are something quite common to see. Every passing day is becoming witness of new rumors about this upcoming unannounced smartphone. If you have followed all rumors with immense interest, then you must be familiar that ‘release date’ is one of the most rumored things out of all what have spread in the air so far. Earlier there were rumors claiming the December, 2013 release date of Galaxy S5. The majority of rumors support the April or May of next year as release date for the smartphone.

Of course, we just can’t neglect the report of Naver. January, 2014 launch time of Galaxy S5 is not anything to get shocked at. Point given by Naver to support its report is ‘idle’ from the business prospective. Samsung won’t like to go out of the game of competition, instead would love to win it. Samsung Galaxy S5’s release is the last ditch option for South Korean tech giant.


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