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Multi Video Conferencing Feature To Debut With Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Nov 27,2013 1 Comment

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the next flagship smartphone of the South Korean company in 2014. In recent months, we have seen and read number of rumors about the specification and design of this smartphone but not much has been talked about the software part, except the possibility of Android 4.4 Kit Kat in it. Now, a new report is pointing to a software feature that could be included in the Galaxy S5, the ability to support group video calling.

According to a paper presented at the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, as stated by SamMobile, Samsung has created an application that would allow users to make group video calls. As shown in document images, users could use both the front and rear camera while making the video calls as well as being able to see other callers at the bottom of the screen, much like a Google+ Hangout.

Although, this is not yet sure whether this will be a standalone feature in Galaxy S5 or  Samsung will incorporate it as an improvement to its existing messenger app, ChatOn, which already allow one way video calls. It would be a first of its kind service on a smartphone. It will surely attract lot of buyers to the Galaxy S5. Samsung can boast about this unique feature and it can boost the sales. Check out the image of this feature which was filed to the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.

multi video conference samsung galaxy s5

samsung galaxy s5 video conference

What do you think about this feature? Will it make Galaxy S5 a better choice for you over other phones? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also check out a quick round up of all the Galaxy S5 rumors.

Galaxy S5 Quick Rumors roundup

Display: As per the rumors, Samsung will surprise everyone by bringing the Galaxy S5 with incredible display quality. Device could feature a WQHD (2,560 x 1,440) screen. With this screen resolution, the Galaxy S5 will go a way ahead of its predecessor in this part. It’s still a matter of debate if the device will have 5-inch screen or 5.3-inch. The experts claim the latter to be part of Galaxy S5. Read more about Galaxy S5 Display size and resolution.

Processor: The biggest catch in all rumors about Galaxy S5 has been the 64-bit processing chip. All rumors claiming this processing chip are most likely to come true as the Galaxy S5 is highly expected to pack Exynos 6 64-bit processing chip. Apple has done so already in its latest iPhone 5S. Now it has become necessity for Samsung to bless S5 with this incredible processing technology so as to give tough competition to its toughest rival. Read more about Galaxy S5 processor.

Camera: Talking about the camera part, expect Galaxy S5 to pack the 16-megapixel rear camera. This camera will come up with ISOCELL sensor, which is the biggest catch of it. This sensor will let you take sharper pictures with your S5 by minimizing electrical crosstalk. The Secondary Camera will be there for video-chatting addicts. Read more about Galaxy S5 camera.

Release Date: As per the rumors, this incredible piece of technology, the Galaxy S5 will hit the market in March/April, 2014. There are some rumors that say Samsung may push the release date forward to balance its disturbed ‘revenue graph’. On the other hand, some rumors are suggesting January, 2014 release date. But still, the former release period is most likely to happen. So expect the device to hit the market by the month of March or April of next year. Nothing has been revealed about the price tag as of now, but you can read our Galaxy S5 expected price post to get an idea.

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  1. I think Multi-video conferencing and metal body are the two most significant features that make it a worthy handset. however, the release date is not yet clear.

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