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Metal Casing For Galaxy S5 Almost Confirmed

Galaxy S5 Sep 25,2013 0 Comments

The air flowing in the tech world nowadays has most of its part covered with the news and rumors about the Galaxy S5. The rumors line-up is still ON, and we can expect it to be even hotter in the days and months to come. So, all those of you who are eagerly waiting for Galaxy S5, update your minds with the good news that the use of metal shell for the body of this esteemed unannounced smartphone is near to reality. For quite some time now, there have been rumors about the use of metal case in Galaxy S5. Now the words coming from Taiwanese supplier make us believe that metal case in Galaxy S5 is something near to reality.

Taiwanese supplier has confirmed it that Galaxy S5 will come up with a metal shell in it. These words from the supplier are like stamp of ‘confirmed’ on the rumors and claims that have in them that Galaxy S5 would come with metal shell.

Galaxy S5 With Metal Body

The sources say that the Samsung has contacted Taiwanese supplier- Catcher Technology – for the metal shell. The company has ordered for the supply of materials from this supplier. Those who don’t know, Catcher is the same company that supplies metal casings for MacBooks and iPads. It provides shells for HTC One, too. As being said in the report, the order’s volume ranges from 10 to 30 million units. The supplier believes that all these ordered units will be needed by Samsung to complete the demand of its next ‘premium’ smartphone, which will most likely be the highly rumored, the unannounced Galaxy S5.

The report further says that the smartphone for which these metal shells are ordered by Samsung, will hit the market in the second quarter of next year. If you take this report anything to go with, then expect the Galaxy S5 to have metal shell used in it, and to hit the market in second quarter of 2014. It’s contradiction to the rumors claiming the March, 2014 as release date for the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with metal shell – this is something every fan of South Korean tech giant will admire for sure. As per the ongoing rumors, the Galaxy S5 will have incredible software and hardware part whihis is good, but not enough. Look does matter. After all, a customer who spends a handsome amount to buy a premium smartphone, has all right to demand both high-end features and impressive outer look. Sadly, the latter was not delivered by Samsung in any of its Galaxy devices launched so far. Company will surely love to go off the route by delivering Galaxy S5 with metal shell. Earlier, there have been rumors of carbon fiber body for Galaxy S5, but seems like Samsung preferred metal over carbon fiber.

The compulsion for the Samsung to make Galaxy S5 with metal shell, is not only because of the smartphone’s look, but is because of market pressure too. Many tech experts have criticized the Samsung for delivering cheap plastic in its high-end devices. Samsung would love to shut their mouths. To do so, Samsung will reportedly start production of metal shells in Gumi. It seems like that Samsung itself wants to get rid of plastic for its upcoming flagship device and I’m sure it will be admired my many. Just hope this to be actually so.

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