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Leaked metal frame suggests Galaxy S5 with metal body

Galaxy S5 Nov 24,2013 2 Comments

Here comes another surprise, Galaxy S5 might ultimately come with a metal body or maybe not. A leaked image of an alleged metal frame of an upcoming Samsung phone is creating lot of buzz. Read on to find out what’s the fuss.

galaxy s5 leaked frame photo have published some leaked images of a metal frame which they claim could be of Galaxy S5. The measurement of the frame is 143.8 x 72.3mm, which is slightly bigger than the current Galaxy S4’s 136.6 x 69.8mm. If this is actually the Galaxy S5’s frame, then it will have a bigger screen size too. If this really the Galaxy S5 frame, we can already see some changes. The camera slot is located on the upper right corner, instead of the classical center position and the audio jack is on the bottom of the device next to the USB port that looking well, does not seem to be USB 3.0 type.

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This leaked image has made lot of Samsung fans excited. A premium phone with metal body has always been demanded by users but Samsung has always disappointed, so this metal frame could mean that Samsung is finally going to deliver Galaxy S5 with metal body.

But don’t get your hopes up just now. There is couple of reasons for that. First could be that this is just an interior frame and Samsung might cover it up with plastic material on the outside.

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Another could be that it’s a frame for Galaxy F series phone. We recently received a tip from a reliable source that said Galaxy S5 will come up with a plastic body with faux leather back and metal body will be reserved for Galaxy F series phones. So, this could very well be the case. Camera on the right corner is another indicator that it’s not a Galaxy S5 but then again, Samsung might have decided to change the design completely.

It is too early to decide whether this is indeed the Samsung Galaxy S5 frame or not, only time will tell. But expect lot of leaked pictures and reports about Galaxy S5 incoming days as the release date is approaching near. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus to keep yourself updated.

BTW, which one would you prefer, Galaxy S5 with metal body or plastic?

2 Responses to "Leaked metal frame suggests Galaxy S5 with metal body"

  1. Supposedly, the S5 will not have a metal frame, but the new samsung galaxy F series will, which are supposed to come out next year (2014) as well. This is what I have been hearing/seeing atleast. The S5 will prorably have a plastic case, but who knows until it happens. Do not get me wrong, I would love a metal S5, but I do not think it will happen.

  2. I sure would like the new S5 with a metal body.. :-)

    It would bring the design to a new level..

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