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iPhone 6 VS Galaxy S5: Rumor Roundup

Galaxy S5 Nov 13,2013 11 Comments

iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 are the devices surfacing the tech headlines every new day. Both of these devices are going to hit the market in next year. Every tech freak is talking about these gadgets, and is quite interested in tough competition between these two. Although nothing is official about any of these esteemed upcoming smartphones, still we know a lot of what could be there in them, thanks to the continuous progressing rumor mill. Have a look at the comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 on the basis of rumored specs.

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iphone 6 vs samsung galaxy s5

Concepts of both the devices.


Apple will be delivering the premium look in the iPhone 6, just like as it has done so far in its previous devices. Of course, Apple would like to make the iPhone 6 better than all iPhone devices in the design department. So you can expect improvements in the design of iPhone 6 over its predecessor’s design.

Samsung is always cursed for delivering cheap outer look in its premium devices. Previous rumors suggested that Galaxy S5 will clear the complaints of everyone, as it will deliver the premium look by using metal body. But we recently received information from a source that claims Samsung will stick with plastic and use faux leather back for Galaxy S5. No doubt, iPhone has always been better in terms of design than Galaxy S series phones. We hope Samsung break the trend with Galaxy S5.


As per the most of rumors, iPhone 6 would come up with 4.8-inch screen. The most recent rumors even suggest the 5-inch iPhone 6. As per some of sources, the screen will offer Full HD resolution of 1,920×1,080. The tech experts don’t feel that Apple would go for this screen resolution. As per them, there would be 2,272×1,280 pixel resolution in the next iPhone device.

Samsung is having great success with its 5-inch screen size adoption. The rumors say that the next Galaxy device will have 5.25-inch screen size and will deliver pixel density of 560 pixels-per-inch (ppi) and a WQHD resolution at 2560×1440 pixels. If this comes out to be true, then Galaxy S5 will surely win over the iPhone 6 in the screen department.

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Processor and Operating System

All previous iPhone devices have won the praises from all. The iPhone 6 will also be successful in making it happen. As per the rumors, Apple will bless the iPhone 6 with 64-bit processing and a new chip which will make the device twice faster than its predecessor. It’s not known if this chip will be called A7X or A8. Of course, along with better chip, Apple will be delivering faster processor and RAM. What these two could be is something not rumored yet.

There are rumors about the Galaxy S5 that this device would come up with 64-bit processing chip. Samsung wants to give a tough competition to Apple in the performance part, and therefore the company is working day in and day out on the processing part. The company is rumored to be working on 14 nanometre (nm) Exynos 6 chip that will have multi-tasking capabilities. It will make the Galaxy 5 super fast. Reports of 4 GB RAM in Galaxy S5 have also surfaced recently.

In the operating system part, the Galaxy S5 is rumored to run Android 4.4 KitKat version.


The iPhone 5S, that was launched recently, has 8-megapixel iSight back-illuminated sensor (BSI) in it. Expect the Apple to deliver the same in iPhone 6. Most of rumors say that Apple don’t believe in the ideology of ‘more megapixels count means better quality’. So the company will just like to add additional features in the camera, rather than adding more megapixel count. There are some rumors which claim the 13MP camera to be part of iPhone 6. Pretty confusing, indeed!

Samsung confirmed lately that 16-megapixel ISOCELL sensor will be part of its future premium devices. The company is nowadays testing the 8-megpixel ISOCELL and this is what could be part of Galaxy S5. As compared to conventional back-illuminated (BSI) sensors, this new sensor technology delivers better color reproduction, better light sensitivity and low light performance.


Apple iPhone 6 will come up in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory variants. Some rumors say that there could be 128GB model of this next iPhone as well.

Talking about the Galaxy S5, you can expect to see 32GB and 64GB variants of this esteemed upcoming device available widely. Of course, 16GB model will be there, too.

Fingerprint Scanner Technology

The recently released iPhone 5S comes with Touch ID technology. This is the most eye-catching feature of this just-released iPhone device. The same technology will be implemented by Apple in the iPhone 6. Of course, it will be implemented with improvements in it, the improvements over the weak parts that company will come to know from the reviews of users of iPhone 5S.

Earlier there were rumors about seeing Fingerprint technology in the Galaxy S5. The recent rumors say that this esteemed technology will not be part of Galaxy S5. Samsung is also rumored to be working on eye-scanner technology for unlocking the device. It is not sure if Galaxy S5 will come up with this or not.

Release Date

Apple has just launched iPhone 5S in September 2013. So, expect the next iPhone in September or October 2014 only. Because Apple won’t like to drop the sales of iPhone 5S by launching a new one early.

On the other hand, Galaxy S5 release date is approaching near. Galaxy S4 was released in April 2013 and Galaxy S5 is rumored to be announced in March or April 2014 too. There have been reports of January 2014 launch too but we believe Samsung will not launch before March 2014.


There is not any doubt that both iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 are going to bring a great revolution in the smartphone industry. Which one out of these both will win on the sales graph is what depends a lot on price factor. If both devices come packed with aforementioned rumored features and with nearly same price tags, then chances are quite high that Galaxy S5 will beat the iPhone 6. A tough competition is about to come. Be ready to feel the heat.

Which one would you prefer to buy? Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6? Speak out in the comments below. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to receive latest updates on Galaxy S5.


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  1. please before march??? I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I would definitely get the Samsung galaxy s5. Is Samsung ever going to have their phones use emojis? that would be great!!

  4. I already preordered Samsung Galaxy S5. Mine is coming next month. Can’t wait. Love Samsung

  5. The GS5. Apple is stuck on releasing the same $#!+ every year.

  6. Hey Galaxy s5 is supposed to compete with Iphone 5s. Sorry but Iphone 6 will compete with galaxy s6 and iphone6s with galaxy s7

  7. Both need to think strategically to gain market share. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a 5.25 inch screen sporting a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, putting it firmly in the phablet category.

  8. I am SOOOO wanting the S5! I’ve been trying to talk my other half into getting one too, but he’s stuck on the iPhones. :-( We have huge contention in our household with one being a Galaxy enthusiast and the other being an iPhone enthusiast. My birthday happens to be in March so I told him that’s what I want for my birthday! Also, I noticed a comment saying S5 is meant to compete with iPhone 5s, s6 to iPhone 6 and s7 to iPhone 6s. Doesn’t make sense to me. I think you skipped one.

  9. acho os dois excelentes, tanto o Galax s5 quanto o Iphone 6. Creio que o desempate vem pelo preço.

  10. The Galaxy is a little too big and the iPhone 5 is a little too small, so hopefully the new ones will be just right.

    Since every plug, cord, car charger, etc that I own are Apple, there is no sense in switching to Samsung this year- unless the iPhone 6 comes with a completely new charging plug. I don’t want to have to go buy 5-6 new charging cables and extra longs ones that cost even more, so since both phones are very close in terms of functionality, I’ll stay with the Apple, for now.

    I don’t own Apple stock or Samsung stock, so I really don’t care which one “wins” – as long as my phone continues to work…..

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