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Should you buy iPhone 5S or wait for Galaxy S5?

Galaxy S5 Oct 31,2013 2 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5, the upcoming premium Galaxy device, has been enjoying as star of rumor mill for past few months. Millions of tech freaks are eagerly waiting for the smartphone, and you might just be one out of them. What? You are wondering If Galaxy S5 is worth waiting for or not? Well, you’re not alone. There are many who want to know about why to wait for Galaxy S5? Why to wait for this next Samsung device when tech giant Apple’s latest iPhone 5S is already out? Just read out this article to know why you should wait for Galaxy S5 even when the iPhone 5S is out.

galaxy s5 vs iphone 5s

In the image: Apple iPhone 5s and a Galaxy S5 concept.

When buying premium devices, everyone cares about look the most. It’s sad fact that Samsung devices don’t stand anywhere in front of Apple’s devices, when it comes to look.  Reason is simple, iPhone’s aluminum body gives far better feeling than plastic bodies used in Galaxy S devices. S5 was supposed to break this trend by offering Metal body, but recent reports suggest it will come with plastic body too but with faux leather on the back. Though it won’t be enough to compete with iPhone 5S with metallic body but Samsung will definitely enhance the looks this time. There is still a hope that Samsung might surprise us by launching S5 with a metal body. If it happens, Samsung will surely be able to catch attention of users who neglect the Samsung devices because of the ‘look’ factor.

As per the rumors, Galaxy S5 will come up with full HD screen. iPhone 5S has just 4-inch screen which is smaller as compared to most of the devices getting launched nowadays. A report from ET News says that this upcoming Galaxy device will be waterproof and dust-proof right out of the box. Now this is something all Samsung fans want the company to do. If Samsung implements this technology in Galaxy S5, then this device will surely become first choice of many over any other device, including the iPhone 5S.

Coming to the imaging part, the iPhone 5S comes with 8MP camera. This is quite good, but nothing when compared to the rumored camera specs of Galaxy S5. The rumors say that the device will come up with 16MP camera with ISOCELL technology. If you are a photography enthusiast then believe me, you will surely admire your decision of buying Galaxy S5 with 16MP camera with ISOCELL technology, over the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S has Dual-core 1.3GHz Cyclone processor and A7 chipset with 64 bit architecture. If you call it ‘good’, then you may feel calling Galaxy S5 ‘best’, as the latter is rumored to come up with 64-bit processing chip as well along with 4GB RAM. Samsung is known to deliver good processing speed in its devices. It will be delivering its best in the Galaxy S5.

iPhone 5S boasts the latest iOS 7. Means, you get the latest Apple mobile OS technology in the device. The Galaxy S5 is rumored to come up with Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Even if it comes with lower version, then also Galaxy S5 is worth buying device from the OS prospective.

iPhone 5S features Touch ID technology. The rumors say that the Galaxy S5 will feature an eye-scanning sensor for unlocking the phone. It is said to be much secure than fingerprint technology og iPhone 5S which has been already bypassed. This will be another great advantage of S5 over iPhone 5S.

The above mentioned ones are top-notch reasons why one should wait for Galaxy S5 even when iPhone 5S is available. Well, just wait for Galaxy S5 to get announced. Then only make your final decision. Don’t be hurry! Invest smartly.


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2 Responses to "Should you buy iPhone 5S or wait for Galaxy S5?"

  1. NO iPhone s5!
    100% I am waiting Galaxy SamSVNewGeneration and ready to make a payment for US$1000. But, how I should do it first?

    • I made the mistake of trying a IPHONE for 4 days to long because the verizon rep suggested and went back and got a samsung galaxy and what a difference!!! I am so glad I went back and got the galaxy. Dont waste your time on a Iphone, apple will nickel and dime a person to death and you cant do anything without giving a credit card # and in these days It is not safe even to a big co like apple

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