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Galaxy S5 won’t ditch plastic, faux-leather on the back

Galaxy S5 Oct 20,2013 29 Comments

If you have been following the Galaxy S5 rumors from past some time, you might be aware of the reports that suggested Galaxy S5 will come with a metal body design. This news was received really well by Samsung fans, and why not, finally Samsung was going to ditch that cheap plastic from its flagship device. But this latest news might be heart breaking for the Sammy fans. As per the recent reports, Samsung is not going to use metal body for Galaxy S5, instead it will stick to the same old polycarbonate (plastic) body. Read on to find out why.

galaxy s5 with plastic body and faux leather

Samsung Galaxy Round With Faux Leather

The rumors of metal body for Galaxy S5 started after a deal between Samsung and Catcher Technologies for providing metal shells to Samsung for its next premium device, set to release in Q2 of 2014. Catcher is a Taiwanese metal casing maker which supplies metal bodies for Appple iPads, MacBooks and HTC One.  As soon as Samsung-Catcher deal news leaked out, everyone started speculating that Galaxy S5 will feature the metal body. But we have received exclusive information from our sources close to Samsung which reveals that the metal material supplied by Catcher will not be used in Galaxy S5. Instead, Samsung will use it in their much rumored Galaxy F series phones. Galaxy F is said to be a series of premium Android devices from Samsung, expected to be released in second quarter of 2014.

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This is where this information starts making sense. Galaxy S5 is supposed to be released in the first quarter of 2014 and latest reports are claiming January, 2014 as launch date. But the metal material was said to be used in a premium Samsung phone releasing in Q2, which hints at a Galaxy F series phone.

As per the information we received, Galaxy S5 will have a faux-leather to cover the plastic back, just like the recently launched ‘Note 3’ and curved screen ‘Galaxy Round’. Samsung knows that people didn’t liked the plastic body on Galaxy S4 much, which can be seen in the dropped sales of the phone. Faux-leather might work to some extent in giving a premium feel to Galaxy S5. According to our source, faux-leather back of Galaxy S5 will be available in different colors. It will offer standard Black and White as well as vibrant colors like Pink, Lime and Yellow.

Though these rumors make much sense, we do however recommend that you take the news with a little pinch of salt at this point in time.

Would you still buy Galaxy S5, if it really turns out to be with plastic body? Share your thoughts in the comments field below. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates on Galaxy S5.


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29 Responses to "Galaxy S5 won’t ditch plastic, faux-leather on the back"

  1. TJ

    Nothing surprising for me, Sammy is never gonna learn from its past mistakes. They could have earn their respect back by making Galaxy S5 with metal body. I’m never gonna buy if they launch it with plastic, that fake faux-leather does not make much difference.

  2. CS

    I really do not know much about Samsungs history regarding the Galaxy. I have been very interested in switching from my iphone to the Galaxy S5 since my contract is up but I don’t know if I would like the plastic feel due to being so used to the sturdy feel of the iPhone. I would have to say if it comes out and is plastic I will either upgrade to the newest iphone or wait to see if the Galaxy F is going to happen. Plastic feels less high end and if this so supposed to be Samsungs flagship device I feel like they need to step it up.

  3. I won’t mind faux leather back. Galaxy note 3 looks great and I’m sure quality will be improved in S5.

  4. no metal no Samsung s5 , it is a bull s**t without metal

  5. i will also not buy the cheap product it is going to decrease the sale of s5 while i will prefer iPhone or ht c max Sony z2 they all sounds better

  6. Max

    It hardly matters, we will put our phone in a cheap plastic case anyway, so what’s the point of getting a premium metal finish phone.

  7. I rarely ever write reviews but if Samsung were wise they would have some department like other major corporations looking at the feedback of potential product ideas. I think we are making it crystal clear that we will not buy the product unless Samsung delivers quality; meaning the phone will not be made of plastic and or faux leather. If this is the case I will absolutely never buy another samsung product, ever. Even if they eventually decide to deliver these requests in the galaxy s6… I’m sick of it, quality should be protected by quality. Would you put a Lamborghini engine in a scion? No disrespect to scion owners.

  8. But the way that I look at it, a plastic back last longer than the metal or glass cases of the ‘other’ people. Look how many broken glass backs or scratched ‘other’ phones you have seen and then take a look at how much cleaner your current plastic back Samsung looks. Heck, I have so many different backs, cases and flip cases that I never get bored. Can’t do that with a metal case!

  9. Hilarious! i agree with Max, mostly all phone holders buy some kind of cover for there phone anyway so really the plastic shouldn’t really matter. I love my Galaxy S4 and my husbands Note 3. I will stick with my Samsung products.

  10. what really interested me in this article is the galaxy f series. I will hang on to the 2 year old beloved galaxy s2 till I see how revolutionary that f series will be. a combination of the right size, weight, design and features is the holy grail I’ve been waiting for. I’m hoping to see the s-pen on a more portable device. Samsung should start listening to the crowds rather than shoving their out of touch designs down our throats.

  11. Aj

    I’m a die hard fan of samsung… from s2, s3, note2, s4, note 3 now…. even my tv, computer, aircon, refrigerator, oven, etc… if s5 is gonna be plastic, I gonna throw all that in trash and switch to better phones like sony which is waterproof and beautiful. Really fed up with this plastic sh*t.

  12. If they made it metal i wouldn’t consider it. Metal cases that add extra weight and a non-removeable battery are for pretentious Apple fanboys.

  13. The beauty of these handsets is they can be customised to suit. I have a note. And have bought a number of battery backs. Some recent ones are aluminium. It cost me 10 bucks to get the metal back you have always wanted. I want a phone I can modify. I want a phone where I can change batteries if need be or insert a 64 GB SD card. I don’t want to be rail roaded onto no choice at all.

  14. I will still buy it if there is no metal it is not a big factor to me and does not bother me

  15. Plastic or metal I’ll still be having it.

  16. If it comes plastic, it doesn’t make a difference. I still protect my phone with some rubber case lol. I can switch my battery or add memory. That’s unique. HTC 1 Or iPhones can’t do that haha even with their metal body.

  17. its realy simple: i was planning on upgrading my iphone to s4…than i heard the roumers regarding s5’s metal back, so i said to myself-it worth waiting…no that i have waited 4 so long, and for nothing (oh my god, plastic again!!!!!!!) i changed my preferance (as did and will milions all over the world)…im considering the new 5s or new sony…no plastic in my backyard and certainly not for that price…is it a new concept? expensive jank? commonnnnnnn

  18. Honestly, if having the metal back means I don’t have removable battery and expandable storage, I’d rather take the plastic. I love the “premium” feel of the HTC One and the iPhone 5s, but the metal unibodies won’t allow for removable batteries and extra storage. As I am a practical guy, I can’t give up those two features just so my phone can look “nice”. Besides, as some people pointed out, most of us are going to shell out some bucks for a case to cover our phone anyways.

    Having said that, I still sorta want to wait to see what the F series are like. However, I’ve been stuck on my 4s forever now and I’m itching for an upgrade. It’s miserable using the tiny 3.5 inch display! So if rumors are true, I could upgrade much faster if I opt for the S5, as opposed to the F1(?). Either way, I still got a while on my iSh*t.

  19. Why the f does it matter how it comes, you still put it in a damn case so stop bitching. metal gets scractched more easily and if you run the risk of geting shocked by lightning. lol

  20. I will NOT buy it if it is in aluminium! Look att the SAR-values: Samsung – plastic – very low values (low radiation).
    iPhone and HTC One and others, aluminium built – high values.

  21. Whats the big deal?? Bottom line. We all put some form of case on our phones.Battery life is very big deal. I like the fact I can take off back case and replace battery if i have to. Yes would love a long lasting battery life but who are we really kidding?
    If you are running complex apps and programs gaming and video watching on your phone its going to drain.

  22. Was waiting for metal body for S5. until I read this…I didn’t buy the S4 because it was plastic…, didn’t buy the Note III because of its fake leather…and now I WILL buy the HTC One ….tomorrow. Screw you Samsung until you deliver on premium, not partial premium. … if you (Samsung) are this cheap on the outside of the phones , we can only imagine the cheapness you are hiding on the inside.



  25. Noooooooooooooooooo… not the faux leather. Not plastic, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, etc, much better. Who needs metal?????????????

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