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Samsung ISOCELL Image Sensor Likely To Star In The Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Sep 25,2013 0 Comments

Continuous talks, claims, rumors about Galaxy S5 have been hitting for past few months, helping the South Korean company become the star of headlines of tech world. Once again, Samsung is there in the headlines, but not because of Galaxy S5 related rumors, but because of announcement of ISOCELL image sensor. By the way, this new announced technology could be related to Galaxy S5, as this smartphone will most likely be the one to have it.

Samsung ISOCELL image sensor

Those who don’t know, Samsung announced the ISOCELL image sensor technology in the Samsung Tomorrow Blog. This technology, as being announced, increases light sensitivity, produces photos with higher color fidelity, controls absorption of electrons. Samsung announced that the rich features in this ISOCELL image sensor are meant to enhance the photography experience of users, and therefore, this technology is perfect for its upcoming Galaxy smartphones. This announcement by Samsung makes us believe that Galaxy S5, the most rumored Galaxy device of current time, will come up with ISOCELL CMOS image sensor in it.

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Samsung is known to complete the demands of its esteemed users. The company announced that because of continuous demands of users, it was in the pressure to increase camera resolution and image quality without making the camera large. This was taken as challenge by company and with the hard work of staff; Samsung has proudly won this challenge. This new technology will help Samsung to shrink the pixel size in its upcoming smartphones, while still improving the camera resolution and hence the image quality.

To explain why this new technology is worth users’ interest, Samsung put an image taken with it comparison with the image of same object taken by the BSI technology. The improvement in ISOCELL technology over the BSI comes from the addition of physical barrier between neighboring pixels. This allows ISOCELL image sensor to collect more photons to improve the image quality.

Samsung BSI vs ISOCELL image sensor

Instead of Front Side Illumination, the Back Side Illumination is utilized by the ISOCELL technology, which isolates the pixel, increases the full well capacity by 30 percent, and decreases crosstalk by approximately 30 percent.

S5K4H5YB is the model number of image sensor which will be the first to be blessed with ISOCELL technology. The said sensor is 8MP one with 1.12μ ISOCELL pixel size. As per the Sammy Hub, production of this sensor will start at the end of 2013. This makes us believe that Galaxy S5 camera could feature ISOCELL image sensor.

Samsung fans have huge expectations from the Galaxy S5. Company is working hard to make this unannounced device overcome the reputation of flagship of its rivals. The inclusion of ISOCELL image sensor technology will help company achieve its aim. Camera quality is one of the biggest factors that decide worth of smartphone. Use of ISOCELL image sensor will help Galaxy S5 compete with devices like Lumia 1020, iPhone 5S, HTC One etc.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with ISOCELL image sensor will be like a match made in heaven. I am now damn excited for this possible heaven-made match to get announced officially. I’m sure you all are excited, too, right? Let us know in the comments below.

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