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Galaxy S5 rumored to use Sharp’s 2k display

Galaxy S5 Jan 08,2014 0 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 seems to be the most rumored smartphone of all time. This smartphone is most trending in tech field in this New Year. If you have been following all rumors and news about this smartphone, then I’m pretty sure that you must be having a bunch of them with you by now. Well, add one more in it. As per the news coming from Chinese website Tencent, the tech giant has made its mind not to use Super AMOLED HD display in its much awaited device, Galaxy S5. Instead, company will use Sharp-made 5.25″ 2K Ultra HD LTPS display. The news site has cited unconfirmed information for this. Pixel density of 560 pixels per inch will be there in the device. This news is contradicting the report of mass production of AMOLED displays for Galaxy S5.


Since the Galaxy S smartphone, Samsung has been using its own AMOLED displays. It’s really quite surprising that Samsung might go with Sharp’s technology this time. Maybe with incredible display technology of sharp and 560ppi pixel density, Samsung wants to cross all barriers of technology and competition.

Confused why this surprising step by Samsung? Well, production issues of 2K AMOLED displays are behind it. According to the report, Samsung can’t produce enough units that can reach the Galaxy S5 expected sales count. If company goes with its own display units like always, then surely there will be lack of Galaxy S5 units and it will become hard for this tech giant to meet the overwhelming demand, which will lead to frustration among the customers, and then finally, loss in company’s revenue. Since Samsung won’t like anything like that to happen, therefore it has decided to rely upon Sharp for the display part.

By choosing Sharp for Galaxy S5’s display needs, Samsung has not only benefit of meeting the device’s sales count, but also of getting its display production factories freed up for the production of flexible displays to be used in the company’s upcoming smartphones. Moreover, since Samsung owns 3 percent of Sharp’s stake, so choosing it for production of Galaxy S5’s display, is beneficial to the company, as there could not be any better use of that stake than it.

If you remember, we earlier had the same rumor about the screen in last month. Samsung Galaxy S5 benchmark revealed the 2K screen in the device, but then this news was overwritten by new ones that came later. There were even rumors of flexible display in Galaxy S5 but it faded away soon. Now, this latest news has worked out as evidence of 2K display rumor.

There are many more rumors about the Galaxy S5. The smartphone is rumored to come up with 16MP camera with ISOCELL tech and 4GB RAM. The possible eye-scanning technology is yet another highly talked features of this smartphone. As per just spread news, Samsung is most likely to unveil Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress. Yeah, all are just rumors, nothing is cleared so far.

Are you one of many who are eagerly waiting for Galaxy S5? What do you expect Samsung to deliver you? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

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