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Galaxy S5 Release Date and Price in US

Galaxy S5 Feb 25,2014 3 Comments

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally out of the box at the MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung has kept all the promises to announce a smartphone with the entire standards redefined with the launch of Galaxy S5.

The latest Galaxy S5 which is now in a metallic body has some stunning features and technology like 5.1 inches AMOLED HD screen, android 4.4 KitKat, 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 MP camera, fingerprint scanner, waterproof body, 32 GB internal memory and more. Read full Galaxy S5 specs.

Samsung Galaxy S5 back

The users are desperately waiting to owe Galaxy S5 as soon as they can. Though, that won’t be possible just now as the Samsung has set the April 11, 2014 as the date of launch for the Galaxy S5 in 150 countries across the globe including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

The price factor has been kept confidential for the time being but, the major mobile carriers have already popped up with the confirmation of selling the new Galaxy S5.

The major carriers will feature the Galaxy S5 in the United States, which is very obvious. So here is the list of carriers from which you can buy the Galaxy S5 after the launch.

US Cellular: This mobile carrier has conformed about that as soon as the S5 will get launched, they’ll be selling it.

Sprint: The pre-registration offer has already started on the official website of ‘sprint’ mobile carrier for the Galaxy S5. The interesting part about the pre-register is that you can even win a Galaxy S5 or US $100 gift card.

T-Mobile and Radio Shack: The famous mobile carriers T-Mobile and Radio Shack also confirmed the featuring of Galaxy S5. You can also pre-register on the Radio Shack website if you’re in a hurry to owe an S5.

MetroPC S: The pre-register of Galaxy S5 on MetroPC S website has a mouth watering offer of winning a Galaxy S5. So, hurry up and enter the contest now!

The price details haven’t been out by any of the above mobile carriers as the price has been kept under the wraps from Samsung as well. As soon as the Samsung will confirm the price so the carriers will.

Apart from the above carrier, more mobile companies like Vodafone, AT&T and Orange will also share the Galaxy S5 with you.

In the other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada major mobile carriers will take the responsibility to make the phone available. Some of the big names among them are EE, Phones 4U, Warehouse, Vodafone and Carphone in U.K. while Bell, MTS, Rogers, TELUS, and Virgin Mobile in Canada.

Wrap UP

The enthusiasm to owe the latest Galaxy S5 can be seen in the eyes of users very much. Though, the price part may change the plans of some, but, if you’re all okay to pay anything for the S5 then it’s just about less than 2 months now before your dream come true.

Besides, as soon as the price will get confirmed by the Samsung or mobile carriers, we will share it with you. Till then stay tuned with us.

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  1. When was the final S 5 made and released?

    • When was the final version of the Galaxy S5 for the US released for sale?

      • I”m sorry but I don’t understand how to word to you what I am trying to ask. As an 83 yr old, I am at a lost to say that I am looking for the final version of the S5. It will likely be the last cell phone I will buy and from what I read, it seems to be what I can use.
        My problem is I use my cell in the summer at my camp ground in Loudonville ohio. Reception is not the greatest and we have no internet in our park. In the past I used my thether cord to hook up to my laptop for a modem to get online. I get most of my emails and they do not download very good, but at least I can keep touch with my family, I have always used Motorola and just thought I would try something new. Any suggestions?

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