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Galaxy S5 Release Date – 2013 Or 2014?

Galaxy S5 Aug 10,2013 6 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most shining star of tech news nowadays. It’s been so for past few months. It will remain so until it gets released. The question now is – when is Galaxy S5 going to release? Numerous rumors about the release date of Galaxy S5 have surfaced on the web so far. The frequency of such rumors is most likely to increase with the passing time.

Galaxy S5 Concept

I will be writing about the Galaxy S5 release date later in this article, but before that, let me bring an increment in your eagerness by telling you that Galaxy S5 is expected to come up with superb features. As per the rumors, it would come up with carbon fiber body, AMOLED Plus display and 16MP Camera. It will have best hardware and software specs, and will be far better than Galaxy S4. This is the reason why I am eagerly waiting for this smartphone, and I know you also are.

Talking about the release date rumors, we have not got any specific date claim yet. In fact, the different rumors don’t only claim different dates/months, but different years as well. Yeah, there are many rumors that say Galaxy S5 will release in 2013, and then there are many rumors that claim that this smartphone will launch in 2014. A hell lot of confusion, literally.

Well, if you ask me for the answer of this debate, then I will give vote to year 2014. The reason why some rumors say the Galaxy S5 will release in this year is the loss that Samsung has suffered from. The company’s sale figures did not go as they were expected. The rumors say that company would like to cover up the loss by bringing the next Galaxy flagship device, the Galaxy S5 in this year only. The reason seems bit legit, but unfortunately, this is not nature of Samsung. Tech analysts believe that Samsung will not opt for this method to cover up their loss, instead will work more on quality of its products.

While there is no good point that supports the claim of 2013 as release date for Galaxy S5, there are many that support the other claim. The best point is that Samsung, like other companies, follow the particular set cycle for the release of its flagship device. So, chances are quite high that Galaxy S5’s release will follow the past trend, and thus will happen a year after its predecessor. So, it means Galaxy S5 will hit next year only. The release month is not sure yet, but looking at the past trend of Samsung Galaxy S series phones, we can predict the release date for Galaxy S5. Take a look at the release date of previous phones in this series:

Samsung Galaxy S2 release date: February, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date: May, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date: April, 2013

So, looking at this trend, Samsung will most likely release the Galaxy S5 in somewhere between March and May of 2014.

One more thing that makes us believe that Galaxy S5 will release in 2014, is that suppose Samsung releases in 2013, then it will hurt the Galaxy S4 owners for sure. They have invested money on Galaxy S4 already. Most of them would not be able to buy Galaxy S5 in the same year. It will be loss of Samsung only.

What do you think? Should Samsung release Galaxy S5 this year or in next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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6 Responses to "Galaxy S5 Release Date – 2013 Or 2014?"

  1. yessssss it should come out this year or the beginning of next year

  2. OYE


  3. There is nothing wrong with its release next year, the only thing that matter is its release on time and affordability to a common man like me as it must be my next target come 2014

  4. December – in time for a Christmas present – for yourself or a loved one…

  5. This phone is awesome….should come out this year!!
    But what’s the price of this smartphone??

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