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Galaxy S5 New Touch Wiz, Release Date & Metal Body Rumors

Galaxy S5 Dec 04,2013 1 Comment

Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be a gadget with bunch of amazing hardware and software features in it. The past rumors have given a lot of info about what could be there in this upcoming device. Few days back, a multi video conference patent was suggesting a hangout like feature in Galaxy S5. Now, a new custom one-hand operation patent has surfaced. This patent was published by first. The patent indicates that the company is planning to extend one-handed operation option to make it customizable as per comfort zone of user.4

samsung galaxy s5 touchwiz patent

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to amaze us all. Just like other parts of the device, the screen size is rumored so far. Samsung’s recent trend shows that company likes to make smartphones with large screen size. The Galaxy S4 boasts 5-inch screen size. The Galaxy Note 3 comes with 5.7-inch screen size. Seeing this, we can easily judge that Galaxy S5 will boast 5-inch or bigger screen. The latter is most likely to follow, as the company just loves to upgrade every aspect of past device, in the new ones, especially when it’s about the premium Galaxy series. Many experts predicted that the Galaxy S5 will come up with 5.3-inch screen size, as they believe that bigger size than this will make the device ‘hard to carry’.

galaxy s5 one hand operation patent

The patent from Galaxy Club explains how Samsung can keep the device comfortable even after delivering big screen size. Display renders posted on the website show how users can set their comfort zone simply by sliding their fingers across screen of device. While adjusting the comfort zone, the on-screen features like keyboard and music player, also get adjusted themselves. So despite of having the large screen, comfort will be there.

There are no words if this technology will be implemented by Samsung in the upcoming Galaxy S5 or not. Many patents go live, give new indications, but unfortunately, most of them are not followed by real implementation. It could happen with this patent, too, or maybe we see this setting in the real product. Better to be silent on the conclusion for now.

Release Date confusion continuous:

While this patent has brought the Galaxy S5 in news once again, there have been many rumors earlier, which did the same task. Not only the features, but there have been many rumors about the release date of the smartphone. In the start, it came from unknown sources that the device will hit the market in the first month of next year. Such rumors did not live for a long, and were soon replaced by rumors claiming the April/May release date for the device. Since like the Apple, Samsung has become fan of launching its premium devices annually, so we can expect the Galaxy S5 to hit the market in the month of April or May, as its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, hit UK retailers on April 26. The latest report from ETNews, the Korean site claims that Samsung would start the production of Galaxy S5 in January 2014 and device would be available in market in February or March.

Metal Body Galaxy S5?

Japanese-language industry monitor EMS ODM is reporting that Samsung will release Galaxy S5 with a unibody metal case. There have been reports of Galaxy S5 with plastic body, carbon fiber and metal body before. Every time some new rumors replace the other and it remains a secret which material Samsung will use. But with a alleged Galaxy S5 metal frame being leaked last week and this new report from EMS ODM, it looks like Samsung is finally going to launch its first metal body smartphone and it will be none other than Galaxy S5.

There have been rumors of two variant of Galaxy S5 too. So, this could mean that Samsung might launch one model with plastic case and other with metal chasis. Or Galaxy S5 Mini could be the affordable version with plastic body. Only time will tell.

From rumors and claims, it follows that the Galaxy S5 is worth waiting device. The excitement of Samsung fans is at its peak. All are waiting for device to hit the market, are you?

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