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Galaxy S5 could be launched at MWC 2014

Galaxy S5 Jan 06,2014 1 Comment

The New Year has started, and it’s surely gonna bring a big pack of happiness for tech freaks. A bunch of amazing smartphones will be launched in this year, and out of all, Galaxy S5 is what hundreds of thousands of people are eagerly waiting for. Rumors about the smartphone have been flowing over the web for past many months, and its date has been rumored as anytime early in the ongoing year. Now we have got something new in Galaxy S5 release’s aspect. Samsung has confirmed that the much rumored smartphone will launch in Mobile World Congress in February.


As per news coming from Korean site iNews24, Dong-hoon Chang, Samsung’s executive vice president and head of design strategy, has said that the device is going to be showcased soon, and the rumors claiming the Mobile World Congress event for this, were ‘about right’. If you are confused if the Galaxy S5 would come up with metal in its outer part and flexible display, then you are not alone. The company itself is not sure about it. As per Chang, whether the use of metal and flexible display technology are under review.

If you are well familiar with Samsung’s strategies, then it’s nothing new to tell you that the company usually unveils its Galaxy S series premium smartphones in a separate event. Of course, the company does so to garner extra attention and get a boost in the initial sales and then a good follow-up. The company is expected to do the same with Galaxy S5, as like always, the heat of competition is at its best. So expect Samsung to unveil S5 at a separate event, and showcase at Mobile World Congress.

We have got numerous rumors about the launch date of Galaxy S5 so far. The actual official statement is still hidden somewhere behind the curtain. If you remember correctly, there was a report that Samsung would launch the Galaxy S5 earlier than S4’s one year completion. That report claimed the disappointing sales of Galaxy S4 as reason behind it. If the device actually gets launched at MWC, then expect it to make entry in the shops in the month of March. So, just two months more and this much awaited device of the year will be shining in your hands.

Talking a little about specs, the device is rumored to come up with eye-scanning technology. With this technology, only a look of you to your S5 will have the power to unlock it. Pretty interesting feature, isn’t it? 4K resolution screen and 4GB RAM are few other amazing rumored features that could be part of this upcoming smartphone. Sadly, there are not any words about the price tag so far. Of course, since the device would be coming with a bunch of eye-popping features, so be ready to lighten your pocket to have it in your pocket. Ready for that?


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