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Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Rumors

Galaxy S5 Aug 21,2013 2 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the smartphone for which all die-hard fans of mobiles made by South Korean firm ‘Samsung’ are waiting. The rumors about the Galaxy S5 first surfaced the web just after a few days of release of Galaxy S4. The no. of people waiting for Galaxy S5 is lot more than what it was for Galaxy S4. The reason behind this is the growth that Samsung has made in the past two quarters of this year. Like many of you, I am also waiting eagerly for the Galaxy S5. Most of the rumors about the Galaxy S5 claim that the smartphone will come up with fingerprint scanner technology. I have collected all rumors about the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner, which you can read out below.

galaxy s5 fingerprint scanner

A few months ago, there were rumors about possibility of fingerprint technology in the next iPhone device. This is from where the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner surfaced. Soon the whole web was crowded with the rumors about the possibility of fingerprint scanner technology in unannounced Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5. The early rumors have not had any base with them, but surfaced just because there were talks about this technology’s inclusion in next unannounced iPhone.

But after few days, rumors got their base as the popular gossip blog Sammobile received anonymous tip. It was said in tip that Galaxy S5 along with Galaxy Note 3, would come up with fingerprint scanner technology. Sammobile has good reputation with its rumors and claims, which helped the Galaxy S5 fingerprint rumors, get seriousness.

As per the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would come up with 32-touch point display. It will have dedicated processing core that will handle the display’s functionality. As per this report, Samsung Galaxy S5’s display will be the best of all smartphones. It will be superb in response. The report further says that Galaxy S5 will have 16 processing cores in it. Out of these, task of one core will be to handle the touchscreen’s processing. The report has talked about the working of fingerprint scanning technology as well. As per that, 32 touch points of Galaxy S5’s screen will collect 32 reference point data. This data will then be matched with that of already stored data. This way your Galaxy S5 will know that it’s you, the real owner, who is trying to access the device, and thus will let you do so.

If we talk about the other rumors about Galaxy S5 that we have seen so far, then it’s quite likely that this smartphone would come up with 3GB RAM, 2GHz processor, 16MP Camera, etc.  The smartphone will most likely hit the stores next year.

By the way, what are your expectations from Samsung? Do you want the company to bless Galaxy S5 with fingerprint scanner technology? If you ask me the same, the answer will be ‘Yes’. Fingerprint technology will enhance the security of the device. This is what I want, and I’m sure, you want that, too.

2 Responses to "Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Rumors"

  1. It’s going to be just another useless feature, just like the air gestures in S4. These things does not work the way they are supposed to. Instead, they should work on making it more practical phone with good battery life and better design.

    • Sam

      Pali, I disagree. This would be a huge selling point for me and (I assume) a lot of other people. I hate having my phone unlocked, but I hate having to type a password to login more than having no security. Having an easy, one-touch unlock would be great. However, I do think battery life is a huge point, but I have multiple batteries for my S3 that I swap out. I don’t want Samsung to eliminate the removable back cover and battery. Samsung does throw in a lot of gimmicks into their phones, but they are optional and don’t detract from the phone’s usability and performance.

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