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Galaxy S5 Expected Price

Galaxy S5 Oct 20,2013 11 Comments

Tech is in the air, try to feel it. Those who can feel it with immense accuracy must be familiar with the ongoing rumor mill about the upcoming Galaxy tagged premium device by South Korean company. Yeah, Samsung Galaxy S5 is the smartphone that has been going as point of attraction of many tech addicts and smartphone seekers for many months. Rumors about the hardware and software specs of the smartphone are quite easy to find. Quite interestingly, there are very less talks about its price. Interesting because price is the most important thing that every person needs to know, but still there are very few words about pricing of Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 price

A Galaxy S5 concept by Mobi Leaks

Well, if you are wondering about what could be price of Galaxy S5, then allow me to tell you that there are different rumors claiming the different price tag. Most of rumors have in them that Galaxy S5 would cost $650 in US. Such rumors cite the unnamed sources for their claim. Of course, there is no reason to digest these rumors, but still, nothing bad to neglect them completely.  As per those rumors, the price tag would be same for Canadian audience. People living in France, Germany, and Belgium will have to pay around 490 Euros for the device. In India, the price would be something around Rs. 47,000. Of course, the aforementioned prices are off-contract ones. With two years contract with carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and US-Cellular, there will be additional discount. You can expect the on-contract price to be anywhere around $200-$300, depending on the carrier you opt for.

Of course, just like any other factor, the price factor has also got many more rumors. There are some reports that suggest Galaxy S5 could be priced at $720 in US. The two year contract with aforementioned esteemed carriers will allow you to grab the device in just $200. Price in other markets will be according to this US price tag.

Well, like I mentioned already, no price is confirmed yet, In fact, even the features are not known yet. As per the rumored features so far, the Galaxy S5 would come up with 5.2 Inch AMOLED Display, 3GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 16MP primary camera, Eye-Scanning sensor. Moreover, many rumors claim that Galaxy S5 would come with premium metal design.

The Galaxy S5, as per most rumors, is expected to launch in April or May of next year. But as per most recent news, the smartphone could be launched as early as January, 2014. This device will be getting competition from iPhone 5S. Apple has always been tough competitor of Samsung. The South Korean company would like to beat the Apple by a big margin. Now that’s only possible with incredible eye-popping specs and low price tag. The rumored specs and price tag support both the factors very well. Let’s wait for official announcement.

By the way, we would like to know from you that if the rumored specs and price come out to be in actual product, then would you consider buying Galaxy S5?


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11 Responses to "Galaxy S5 Expected Price"

  1. Neo

    $650 seems reasonable price if it offers some amazing new features like eye scanning, metal body, wireless charging, waterproof etc. as being rumored.

  2. I am waiting my SamSVng (NewGeneration) and ready to make prepament for US$1000 if it is realy eye scanning and K4 video.

  3. I will waiting for this pohone too.
    I was thinking about I buy a note 3 but when I found that it maybe will realesed in 3 or 4 month, I guess I can wait for it.
    The 64 bit and the flexible screen are very attractive.

  4. Sam

    I am in love with this concept and would love to see it this way. I am eagerly waiting for this phone to launch but the high price is a problem for me.I hope Samsung keeps the price accordingly .

  5. Sue

    If specs, and not too large and not faux leather (embarrassing) I will get the phone as soon as it comes out, rather than the apple.

  6. Would not Even consider, just buy it 😉

  7. The price of S4 dropped already to less than $500, S5 will be launched the soonest possible time, maybe January 2014.
    Can’t wait for it with its incredible specs, eye scanning, camera, resolution and other lots of features..

  8. Due for an upgrade 2/14- gonna wait on the new phone…..

  9. i am falling in love day by day to see it looks i am instantly eagerly waiting for this dear phone to launch but the high price is a problem for me.I hope Samsung keeps the price for me

    thank you

  10. i check into its update news every single day.. totally going crazzzy over S5!! hp d price is not too high towards d end.. :-/


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