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Galaxy S5 To Drop 64 Bit Processor, Android 4.4, Fingerprint?

Galaxy S5 Oct 09,2013 4 Comments

So you have been waiting for Galaxy S5 for past few months, and have been following all rumors and claims spread about this smartphone so far? Well, you’re not alone with this behavior; there are many doing the same. Unfortunately, here is a disappointment to all those ‘eagerly’ waiting fans. The Samsung Galaxy S5 may miss the rumored features like 64-bit processor, fingerprint technology and Android 4.4 OS. This disappointment has made its way from the recent reports.

galaxy s5 features

A Galaxy S5 concept with flexible display.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the highly rumored smartphone of the year with millions of people following every single new update about it. The rumors about inclusion of 64-bit processor, Android 4.4 OS and Fingerprint technology, took the excitement of fans to an extreme level. But, new reports are up to take this excitement to ground level. Korea Herald is source of one such report. Report of this one of South Korea’s largest English newspapers says that Samsung and its partner Crucialtec are working hard on fingerprint technology. The work is going good, but is not expected to get a happy end anytime soon. The late development of technology may result in its miss from Galaxy S5. It may power the Galaxy Note 4 though.

The above cited report is not the only one that supports the possible non-inclusion of fingerprint in Galaxy S5. There are many rumors speaking the same tale. Coming to the processor part, the latest rumors say that there would be no 64-bit processor in Galaxy S5. This is something disappointing indeed. The rumors about the possible inclusion of 64-bit processor in Galaxy S5 have been there for many months. The rumors caught the speed after Shin Jong-kyun, CEO of Samsung, told Korea Times that there will be 64-bit processing chips in the upcoming premium devices of the company. Since Galaxy S5 is one among company’s future Premium devices, so the fans got excited and all 64-bit processor rumors started appearing ‘real’. But unfortunately, the current rumors say that 64-bit processor will miss the Galaxy S5. As per these rumors, the manufacturing of 64-bit processor will take time, and hence will miss the Galaxy S5.

Apart from the fingerprint technology and 64-bit processor, the Galaxy S5 is also said to miss the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. This latest Android OS is scheduled to arrive in this month. It works only on 64-bit processors. So of course, if there will be no 64-bit processor in the Galaxy S5, then there will be no Android 4.4 KitKat OS as well. No Android 4.4 KitKat OS means that the smartphone will come up with Android 4.3 OS. Recently there were reports of Tizen OS in Galaxy S5. Possibility of happening that too is there.

The non-inclusion of the aforesaid features will reduce the charm of Galaxy S5. Many people are waiting for this esteemed smartphone just because to taste these features. Most of them will not show any interest in buying the Galaxy S5 without these features.

What is your reaction to these reports? Will you still buy Galaxy S5 if it misses these features? Let us know in the comments below.

4 Responses to "Galaxy S5 To Drop 64 Bit Processor, Android 4.4, Fingerprint?"

  1. aweasome and a can pre order this phone 😀

  2. Without fingerprint scanner, no big deal for me, but without 64bit processor, I will definitely consider other alternatives.

  3. If there is no 64 bit processor or KitKat OS then no deal, I would look to the competition excluding iPhone.

  4. I have a Galaxy S4 so there’s no point in updating without these new features

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