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Galaxy S5 Concept By Bob Freking

Galaxy S5 Sep 09,2013 1 Comment

It’s been quite some time since the rumors about the Galaxy S5 have been hitting the virtual world of web. If you are a smartphone lover like me, then you must be keeping yourself updated with all the latest rumors joining the past ones, right? Nowadays, there is trend of concepts of the upcoming flagship devices. The Galaxy S5 concepts are also rolling over the web. Not all are worth considering, but the one provided by Bob Freking needs attention for sure. By going through the Galaxy S5 Concept by Bob Freking, we can have good idea about what could be there in this upcoming Galaxy smartphone.

Galaxy S5 concept bob freking

Bob Freking’s Galaxy S5 concept is based on the suggestions taken from the fans, and paints the down-to-earth image of Galaxy S5. The concept video shows the Galaxy S5 with water resistant metal design, instead of Samsung’s usual plastic outlook. It’s a big change, and is what we can expect from Samsung, as Sony has started trend of waterproof smartphones with Xperia Z. Not only this concept, but many more rumors have it that usual plastic design would not be seen in Galaxy S5. Check out the video of the concept below.

Another highlight of Galaxy S5 concept by Bob Freking is its display. As per the concept, the Galaxy S5 would come with 5-inch 1080p display. As per Freking, this Full HD Super AMOLED Plus display will have better pixel arrangement than its predecessor. The device will have on-screen keys in place of home button and also will have a whole new TouchWiz with less memory usage and fresh gestures.

In the memory part, the concept suggests that Galaxy S5 would come with 2GHz 8 core Exynos 6 with 64 GPU cores. This much processing speed will make the Galaxy S5 damn fast in its work, for sure. Yeah, faster than Galaxy S4, something that we all would appreciate. In the concept, the Galaxy S5 has 64GB internal storage capacity and 4GB RAM.

The concept made by Bob Freking shocks in terms of software part. The concept has Android 4.2 Jelly Bean running on it. This is something highly unlikely to happen now, as the Android 4.4 KitKat has already been announced and will be available at the time of Galaxy S5’s launch. Samsung would love to deliver the most up-to-date Android OS, rather than the old Android 4.2. The concept includes the fingerprint reader technology which is rumored for future iPhone devices.

Galaxy S5 concept by Bob Freking has 16MP rear view camera with 6x loseless zoom and optical image stabilization. Support for add-on lenses is there in the smartphone. Bob says that the cam takes in 10 times more light, which is its huge plus point, and because of which, it delivers the best low light performance.

Galaxy S5 concept suggests that the device will have 4000mAh battery and support for wireless charging.

Long story short, Galaxy S5 concept by Bob Freking gives a good idea about what could be there in the next Galaxy smartphone. The purity of the concept will get verified by official announcement of Galaxy S5. Let’s wait for that. Do share your thoughts about this concept, whether you like it or not.


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  1. Hey guys. When did bob do that video. Andrid 4.2… for real?

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