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Galaxy S5 to come with diamond coated metal body, iris scanner & more

Galaxy S5 Dec 18,2013 2 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 could come up with a 64 bit octa core processor, diamond coating metal case, 16 MP camera and iris scanning sensor.

samsung galaxy s5 metal body diamond coating

According to the Korean site ETNews , Samsung has worked on many new innovative technologies for smartphones and they can make the best smartphone in the world with these technologies. However, they won’t implement all of them into one phone to keep the cost low. Here are the smartphone technologies Samsung has worked on recently:

64-bit octacore application processor (AP)+3G•LTE A combo chip, 560 ppi (pixels per inch) high-resolution display, 3GB LPDDR3 DRAM, optical image stabilization (OIS) auto-focus (AF) 20-mega pixel camera, diamond coating metal case, and biometric security functions like fingerprint, face and iris recognition….’

64 Bit Processor

There have been reports of 64 bit processor in Galaxy S5 before, ETNews confirms it again. According to the site, Samsung will apply octacore processor with the 64-bit bus in its smartphones. Samsung is planning to fully utilize its own architecture platform instead of designing chips as per the architecture provided by ARM. Performance of the AP (Application processor) will be improved significantly. Communication modem functions like 3G and LTE are highly likely to be embedded in the AP.

16 MP camera in Galaxy S5

As per the ET News, Samsung will incorporate 16 MP camera in the Galaxy S5. Report further says that Samsung is working on a smartphone camera module equivalent to the digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera which will be used in future devices. Note 4 and Galaxy S6 will have the 20 MP camera sensor which is under development and Samsung aims to finish it by the second half of 2014.

Diamond coated metal case

We already know that Samsung is planning to change the design of the Galaxy S5 to a great extent. According to ETNews, Samsung is planning to apply the diamond metal surface treatment technology to metal cases. A diamond material (which is obtained by exposing carbon to high temperature and high pressure) is coated on the surface of the metal case of smartphone which helps in addressing the issues like scratches and deformation. So, if Galaxy S5 comes with diamond coated metal case, you won’t have to worry about scratches.

Iris scanner

As we reported previously, Samsung is working on iris recognition technology to compete with Apple’s fingerprint scanner. A leaked patent also confirmed the same. According to ETNews, Samsung will start applying this technology to the smartphones launching next year. So, it is highly likely that Galaxy S5 will have the eye-scanner.

If all these features actually make it to the Galaxy S5, then it sure would be a great phone.

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  1. Please, tell them to make a multi purpose device easy to clean!!! Nothing of textures in the back cover like note 3!!! Textures make hard to clean the device!!! Tell them to put ionizing radiation detector, infrared camera (to read user face in the darkness), S Pen to make good designs, etc. Multi purpose and funcionality first, beauty second.

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