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Galaxy S5 to come with 4 GB RAM?

Galaxy S5 Nov 07,2013 1 Comment

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 are picking race with the passing time. The next flagship is surely going to be something extraordinary. In the continuous growing rumor mill, we have new that this next premium Galaxy device will come up with 4GB RAM. This news comes from Digital Times Korea. As per the report, Samsung will amaze us all by powering its much rumored Galaxy S5 with 4GB RAM.

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If you have been following rumors about Galaxy S5 closely, then you must be familiar with what past rumors had to say about the RAM part. Just to hint you, all previous rumors claimed 3GB RAM in Galaxy S5. Those rumors were easy to digest as 3GB RAM is something sufficient to make a device stand out of the crowd, and this is what Samsung wishes to happen with Galaxy S5.

There is nothing known about whether it would be Samsung making the 4GB RAM or any other component provider. Samsung is known to make most of the components for its devices on its own. But quite strangely, the behavior is different for high-end devices. The previous high-end devices by company show that Samsung likes to outsource the components. Maybe it’s because the company does not want any inventory storage related problem after the release of its high-end devices. Whatever is, the main point of interest is possible inclusion of 4GB RAM in Galaxy S5, not about who would be RAM’s manufacturer.

The previous rumors claimed the 64-bit Exynos processor in Galaxy S5. It is this processing chip that will make 4GB RAM possible in Galaxy S5. Such an amazing processing chip with incredible 4GB RAM will be like a match made in heaven. This combination will surely make this rumored device the most powerful device of all time. Recently launched Note 3 features 3 GB RAM, so moving to 4 GB in the S5 sounds quite sensible as Samsung would like to offer more in its 2014 flagship device.

Good processing speed is demand of every user. By making the Galaxy S5 powerful in processing, Samsung will be able to target almost all smartphone buyers, resulting in immense attention to the device.

The multiple reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit the market in first half of next year. This device is going to face tough competition from many high-end devices. Its biggest rival Apple will be giving it tough competition. Samsung wants to overcome the heat of competition. This is only possible if it launches Galaxy S5 packed with extremely amazing features. Of course, the rumored 64-bit processing chip with 4GB RAM is going to help Samsung.

All features about Galaxy S5 that we know so far, are rumors and claims only. Nothing is official. Samsung is even yet to announce the device. So don’t take any rumor or claim as sure thing. Nothing can be said that what out of all rumors are going to be true. None the less, inclusion of 4GB RAM in Galaxy S5 is a good news for all the fans, isn’t it? Join us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updated on S5.


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  1. I hope to see 64GB of internal storage as standard on all Samsung high-end devices. 128GB is even better. External microSD cannot compensate low internal storage as applications & its data cannot be installed on external microSD. Also, internal storage supports files larger than 4GB whereas external cannot.

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