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Galaxy S5 Camera Rumors

Galaxy S5 Aug 08,2013 1 Comment

Not a long time has passed since the release of Samsung Galaxy S4, but surprisingly, we can see rumors about the Galaxy S5 flowing over the web. The rumors about the next Galaxy smartphone have been rolling since last 2 months. The folks over Samsung are working hard to deliver the best Galaxy smartphone to you. Every tech analyst has its own expectations from the Galaxy S5. Maybe this is the reason why every rumor about the upcoming Galaxy smartphone paints its different imaginary picture. Majority of the rumors are talking about the outer look such as carbon fiber  body and camera features of the smartphone.

It’s quite interesting to see many rumors about the camera of Galaxy S5. The high density of these rumors clearly shows that ‘Camera’ is what more people are concerned about. Samsung is an expertise in the camera field. Whether it’s about flagship Galaxy smartphones or budget ones, the camera has always impressed all Galaxy fans like me. Anyway, after seeing different rumors about the Galaxy S5 Camera, I thought about collecting them all, so that somewhat definite image of the Galaxy S5 camera specs can be painted in mind. So, in the case you are also confused about what could be there in Galaxy S5 camera part, do read out this article ahead.

galaxy s5 camera

In the very early rumors about the Galaxy S5, it was claimed that Galaxy S5 would come up with 13MP Camera. This rumor hit the web after a few days of the release of Galaxy S4. After some time, this rumor was rejected completely. By the way, no one will believe that Galaxy S5 will come up with 13MP Camera, as this much quality is what Samsung has already provided in the Galaxy S4. Samsung, the company which is known to work hard on the camera field, would not deliver the same camera quality in its next flagship.

3D camera in Galaxy S5?

If we go with the majority of rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5, then it’s most likely that this next flagship device by Samsung will come up with 16MP camera with optical image stabilizer and a 6x zoom. There were rumors that there would be 3D camera in Galaxy S5. If you are hoping for the same, then stop doing so right away, as 3D camera technology is not going to be part of Galaxy S5. Stop thinking about that!

Camera Features:

As far as the camera’s software features are concerned, the rumors have it that there would be dual-shot mode, Beauty shot, and filters like Oval Blur and Split. Yeah, these features are what are there in the Galaxy S4 as well. Some rumors suggest that add-on-lenses and 10x optical zoom would be part of Galaxy S5 camera specs.

As per many tech analysts, Galaxy S5’s camera would let you click photos and record videos with the quality being 3 times better than that of provided by any other smartphone. Of course, there will be secondary camera as well. The rumors say that it would be of 2.5 megapixels.

Nothing is cleared about the Galaxy S5 Camera, at least as of now. We’ll keep you posted about this topic. Stay tuned! Join us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updates.


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1 Responses to "Galaxy S5 Camera Rumors"

  1. Joe

    Nokia has already announced Lumia 1020 with 41 Megapixel camera, so I’m sure Samsung will try to introduce better camera than all the present smartphones. I don’t want them to concentrate on the megapixels part as 13-15 megapixels are enough, instead they should focus on better picture quality in low light conditioning and offering more camera features like Lumia 1020.

    And don’t forget, by the time Galaxy S5 gets released, many other new devices would have been released such as new iPhone. So, Samsung will have to make it better than not just the current phones, but the phones which will be released before the release of S5.

    I’m sure the phone is already in development phase, because if it’s going to release in first quarter of 2013, then they must be working on it right now, because developing such technology takes time. So, I’m sure we are going to see so many rumors and leaks in coming months regarding S5. I’m going to stick with your blog, keep us updated.


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