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Galaxy S5 Active Or Waterproof Right Out Of The Box?

Galaxy S5 Oct 10,2013 3 Comments

It’s all about Samsung Galaxy S5 – the unannounced successor of Galaxy S4 – nowadays in the tech world. The focus of Samsung is all on making Galaxy S5 the best smartphone of all time. This is because of huge fan base of Samsung why continuous rumors about the Galaxy S5 are surfacing the web. In the latest rumors we have that this esteemed premium device will be waterproof and dust-proof right out of the box. If this happens, then Samsung Galaxy S5 will be greatly successful in bringing the glimpse of smile on its users’ faces.

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This report comes from the Korean news outlet ETNews. As per that report, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dust-proof right out of the box, unlike the Galaxy S4. You might know, Galaxy S4 is not waterproof and dust-proof itself, but was followed by Galaxy S4 Active, which was water and dust resistant. The response Samsung received for Galaxy S4 Active was way too better than what company expected. Maybe that response is the reason why Samsung is looking forward to making water and dust-proof Galaxy S5 with little change in trend. Yeah, that trend is making Galaxy S5 water and dust proof right out of the box, rather than introducing the Active version of this esteemed unannounced upcoming smartphone.

galaxy s5 active or waterproof right out of the box

Galaxy S4 Active is a water resistant and dust proof variant of Samsung Galaxy S4.

The earlier report of ETNews suggests that Galaxy S5 will adopt the metal design rather than the poor plastic design which all of Samsung’s premium devices adopted so far. The plastic design makes the look dull and brings the non-premium feel in the devices for which customers pay a big amount.  On the other hand, companies like HTC and Apple offer the devices packed with attractive metal design. Heat of competition is extremely high. Samsung would like to keep itself in business by using the metal design for the Galaxy S5.

Wait! The rumor mill does not end here. If the report of ETNews suggests the water and dust-proof Galaxy S5 right out of the box, then on the other hand, there are many rumors that claim the Galaxy S5 to come with ‘no water and dust resistant design’. Such rumors say that Samsung will follow the same trend that it did for Galaxy S4. As per those rumors, there will be a separate water and dust-proof model of Galaxy S5 that will be called ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 Active’.

As per the rumor mill, Galaxy S5 Active will have slightly lower specs as compared to Galaxy S5. It will be released a short time after the release of Galaxy S5.

It’s hard to say if Samsung will implement the waterproof and dust-proof technology in the main Galaxy S5, or will be launching Galaxy S5 Active. But one thing that we get from here is that Samsung is now focusing to compete with companies like Sony who already has premium water and dust-proof smartphones in the market.

What would you like to happen – Water and dust proof Galaxy S5 right out of the box, or Galaxy S5 Active?


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  1. So the S5 will be waterproof and have faux leather? How’s that going to work?

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