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Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5: New Rumors

Galaxy S5 Oct 18,2013 5 Comments

New rumors about Galaxy S5 keep coming every now and then. Last week, it was rumored that Samsung is going to launch the much awaited Galaxy S5 in January, 2014 and now there are some more rumors. This time, it’s about Galaxy S5’s security features and no, it’s not about fingerprint scanning. If we believe the rumors, Samsung is going ahead of all its competitors to introduce eye scanning sensor in its next flagship. Check out the full report below.

eye scanning sensor in glaaxy s5

We have already seen ‘Face recognition’ feature few years ago in phones like Galaxy S5, but the technology was not much accurate and not many people used it. This year, it was the turn of ‘Fingerprint Scanning’ which has been introduced in some high-end smartphones such as Apple iPhone 5S and HTC One Max.

There have been reports of possible addition of fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S5 too, but seems like Samsung wants to take one step ahead by adding ‘eye-scanning’ sensor in it. If it becomes a reality, you’ll be able to unlock the phone with your eye and the technology will also help in improving features like ‘Smart Scroll’ presented in Galaxy S4. Experts believe this technology is much more secure than Fingerprint scanning technology. Many ways have been found already to bypass the fingerprint lock in iPhone 5S. So, Galaxy S5 will catch the attention with eye-scanning technology.

At the moment, there is no information on how this technology will work, but Galaxy S5 will definitely score higher in terms of security. The rumors originated from, which claims that it has received the information from its sources and Korean reports. According to the report, Samsung has already started working on this feature and Galaxy S5 will be the first phone from this South Korean tech giant to feature it. However, we do recommend that you take these rumors with pinch of salt at this time.

Although, it looks like something from the science-fiction movies, but technology is really moving fast that nothing seems impossible today. If Samsung includes eye-scanning sensor in Galaxy S5, most of the people will welcome it. However, there are some, who likes to keep it simple and for those, nothing beats the good old 4 digit pin code to unlock the phone.

So, would you like Samsung to include eye-scanning or fingerprint scanning technology in the Galaxy S5 or not? Do you have something even better to suggest? Let us know in the comments box below. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for latest updates.


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5 Responses to "Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5: New Rumors"

  1. That’d be a great feature. Touch ID of iPhone 5S is easily by passable. Hope this eye-scanning feature will be much more secure and could not be easily tricked.

  2. I believe samsung should keep the eye sensor scanner. This particular scanner if is released without any bugs or any major defaults will give Samsung it’s rightful place as superior smartphone. The scanner would also boost samsung’s market tremendously in the long run

  3. if this were to happen that would mean that samsung has to make a really good high quality front facing camera. plus what if u were using your phone at night. and also what if u were to take a picture of the users eye and display it to the phone, it would be easily by passed.

  4. gne

    it should use a projector.

  5. ume

    Device should be destroyed on failure of certain attempts of password. …,

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