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Expected Release Dates Of Galaxy S5 In 2014

Galaxy S5 Oct 01,2013 6 Comments

The upcoming flagship Samsung phone, Galaxy S5 has been in the rumors since the launch of Galaxy S4. The way people are following all rumors about this device to keep themselves updated in this matter, is just phenomenal. Out of all rumors, the majority talks about the release date. You might know that Samsung is yet to give any word about the features and release date of Galaxy S5. But Samsung’s silence does not mean that we don’t have any idea about the release date of this smartphone. Thanks to rumors and claims that give us an estimate of what could be Samsung Galaxy release date.

Galaxy S5 Release Date

Most of Galaxy S5 release date rumors believe this smartphone to hit the market in next year, while there are some rumors that claim the 2013 release date.  Rumors of latter type blame ‘poor sales of Galaxy S4’ for that. As per these rumors, ‘poor sales’ could force Samsung to release the successor, the Galaxy S5 in this year itself. But it’s hard to digest that Samsung will kill S4 by launching S5 this year, so I’m pretty sure Galaxy S5 is coming out next year only. Now let’s talk about the possible release dates of Galaxy S5 in 2014.

The rumors about the 2014 as possible release date for Galaxy S5 make some sense. Just like the Apple, the Samsung has started the annual release date trend. Although Samsung is not strict with the pattern, but still, the past distorted pattern make us believe the rumors suggesting 2014 as release date for Galaxy S5.

Many rumors have in them that Galaxy S5 would come up in March of next year, while many others claim the April month. Let me remind you that Galaxy S4 was launched in an event held on March 14. The smartphone then hit the UK market on April 26. Galaxy S3 hit the market on May 29 of 2012. After considering this pattern, we get the idea that Galaxy S5 could hit the market in the late April or early May.

Apart from the aforesaid rumors, the rest have in them that Galaxy S5 would hit in the late 2014. As per those rumors, Galaxy S5 is still under development and Samsung is working on some new technologies and features for it (64-bit chip, new camera technology etc.) which will take some time. To make Galaxy S5 packed with new technologies, the smartphone may see a delay in its release.

Few reports suggest that Samsung could unveil Galaxy S5 in February 2014 at Mobile World Congress event. However, I do not agree with it. According to me, Samsung will hold a special event for Galaxy S5 launch.

Well, needless to say that none out of the possible aforesaid Galaxy S5 release dates are confirmed. Hell lot of confusion, indeed! I am personally in favor of Galaxy S5 release date in next year – either in month of April or May. Why? Well, it does not only make sense from Samsung’s pattern point of view, but also from the competition prospective as well. The iPhone 5S has hit the market and Samsung will have to come with S5 soon to compete with it, because Galaxy S4 does not seems to level up with it.

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6 Responses to "Expected Release Dates Of Galaxy S5 In 2014"

  1. I second you, Samsung will hold a special event for Galaxy S5’s launch. They have launched all their premium devices like Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 in Unpacked event this year. No doubt they will follow the same path for Galaxy S5 to create much hype about it. If they launch it in an event like MWC, they will not get that much attention as they would get with special event for it, because hundreds of new gadgets will be revealed at MWC and it will definitely hurt the S5 coverage. I’m sure Samsung won’t do that. At MWC, they could possibly reveal the much rumored flexible display phone.

  2. Eu estou ansioso para comprar o galaxy s5 eu tenho o galaxy s4 e estou gostando.

  3. Hanging out for S5.
    Please invite me to launch.
    I’ll put it through its paces and do a review. Love Android, and Samsung consistently puts out best specs.

  4. S5 is the most awaited mobile of 2014 and I think Samsung will release in the end of April

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