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Cool New Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept

Galaxy S5 Dec 26,2013 16 Comments

We designed a Galaxy S5 concept few months back and it was really appreciated by our readers, big tech blogs and experts. Since then, our readers were demanding for a new Galaxy S5 concept. We have listened you guys. Here’s a cool new Samsung Galaxy S5 concept. Check it out!

galaxy s5 concept design


This concept has a 5.2″ flexible curved display with 2K resolution. Although, recent reports are suggesting that there will be no flexible or curved display in Galaxy S5 but this concept was designed earlier and many of our readers wanted us to design the concept with curved display.

galaxy s5 2k display

samsung s5 flexible screen


This concept features a 16 MP ISOCELL camera made by Samsung itself, which captures 4K quality pictures and full HD videos.

galaxy s5 rear camera

There is a 4 MP front camera which is 1080p capable alongwith proximity sensor and ambient sensor. Apart from that, it also features the iris scanner, a much rumored feature of S5.

galaxy s5 front camera eye scanner

Other features

It comes with a metal body on the outside. It also has quad speakers on 4 corners of the phone with S::Surround effects. This will give the real joy of listening to music on Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 quad speakers

Key specs:

  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 64 Bit Exynos-Octa core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 5.25″ Flexi-UHD (2K) display
  • 16 MP ISOCELL camera
  • Wireless headphones ; Quad-surround speakers
  • Iris scanner

galaxy s5 concept specs

Here are some more pictures of the concept.
1 5 6 9 10 12

So, did you liked this Galaxy S5 concept? Post your feedback in the comments below. Do share with your friends if you liked it. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get latest news about Galaxy S5.


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16 Responses to "Cool New Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept"

  1. Amazing concept, you guys are really producing some great concepts. Wish Samsung could learn something from you.

  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 what`s price

  3. This is one of the best concept phone I have seen- Full credit to the designer

  4. Quelle petite merveille !!! Un véritable bijou de technologie.
    Ma femme me dit déjà que ce sera son prochain caprice.
    Je pense sincèrement, qu’il ne sera pas à moins de 800 Euros

  5. This is the best model I have ever seen the design features and all are just incredible if samsung makes this model no doubt I`m gonna buy it whatever the price is.

  6. Curve display for what??? I prefer a thousand times functions that make a multi-purpose device, such as ionizing radiation detector, infrared camera, S Pen, etc..

    • Simple. You don’t get face grease all over the screen when you talk. When you put the phone down on the face or drop it on the face, the screen doesn’t take the damage. The speakers don’t get muffled when the phone is face down. And last but not least, it looks pretty cool.

  7. The best looking mobile in the world ever, even iphone6 will not be close in designer, i dont know why all company’s not do even close so good loooking smartphones? all samsung mobiles for today look poor, only iphone 5s gold look good, and sony xperia s, rest is poor designer, they must change this, huge change must be.

  8. Good concept 5 inch screen enough

  9. Samsung is not so interested in producing good looking devices. The reason is that they clearly knows that whatever they produce they will have something new which will attract the buyers.

  10. Nossa, muito bom, amei com certeza vou comprar assim que lançarem, nem que seja necessário ir comprar em outro pais;

  11. This concept is by far the best I’ve seen! I love the look and features of this phone and hope to see a similar outcome with the real galaxy s5!

  12. awesome can’t wait to see how will be the market response and customer response.Buy the way when is it launching in India.

  13. Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept is One of the best phone of Samsung Mobile Company. I need it very Soon !

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