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64-Bit Exynos Processor Ready To Rock Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Oct 25,2013 7 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are coming thick and fast. First we saw the rumors of inclusion of 64-bit Exynos processor in Galaxy S5. Then, about 2 weeks ago, we reported the rumors that suggested Galaxy S5 won’t come with 64 Bit processor. Now, new reports are again suggesting that there will be a 64 Bit processor in Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 64 bit processor exynos 5 octa

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is already in the development. It is important that its features list is just enough to beat the Apple iPhone 5S, and even to stand against the upcoming iPhone 6, which will come later in the next year. Processor would be the key, and it looks like its ready.

Recently launched iPhone 5S comes with an A7 processor with 64-bit architecture. To compete with its old rival, Samsung had to make the same technology available in its devices and they were quick enough to announce that 64-bit processor is already in the development for next generation devices.

So, it was easy to guess that it will be the part of next flagship device of Samsung, Galaxy S5. But then rumors claimed that it will take time for the development of this processor and will not be ready till the launch of Galaxy S5.

But today, a Korean site ITToday reported that Samsung has almost completed the work on this processor and it will be available to use very soon. According to the report, most complex development work appears to be completed, leaving only some technical issues to deal with.

It is being said that Galaxy S5 will feature next-gen Exynos 6 CPU with 14nm architecture and 64-bit support. Exynos 6 CPU is said to feature ARM’s big.LITTLE octa-core configuration with Cortex-A53/A57 cores and all eight cores are capable of operating simultaneously for maximum performance using half as much power as the currently available Exynos 5420. With smaller components, it will produce low heat and optimized energy utilization will result in better performance of the device.

It is really good news for Galaxy S5 fans. After all, you want all the latest technology when you are buying a high end phone. Besides this, Galaxy S5 is also rumored to feature an eye scanner, 16 MP camera and Android 4.4 Kit Kat but no metal body.

For now, though, we will have to wait a bit. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be launched next year, but it will be earlier than normal and can be launched in the months of February or March.

We’ll keep you updated with all the latest rumors and news about Galaxy S5. Till then, share your thoughts in the comments below and stay connected!

7 Responses to "64-Bit Exynos Processor Ready To Rock Galaxy S5"

  1. Great, that’ll make Galaxy S5 amazingly fast. I hope they also include at least 4 GB of RAM in it along with 64 bit processor and battery life must be good enough to support the amazing hardware.

    • I hope so, too! 4GB of RAM would really send out a message. The Note 3 was the first smartphone to ship out with 3GB of RAM, only for Samsung to have another first with 4GB RAM :) Would really be something…Samsung would sure be sticking Apple with its innovation and technical know-how.

  2. Apple fired the first shot, but it was obviously that the insult was not going to go unpunished. Samsung also should incorporate 64-bit processors in its next-generation smartphone, arguably the Galaxy S5

  3. I absolutely guarentee that aside of 64-bit processor, there will be one of these GPU:
    1. More likely Mali-T760 (up to 326 GFLOPS)
    2. Much better PowerVR G6630 (up to 1 TFLOP( yes teraflop!))

    • You do realize 1 Tflop in mibile gpu standards if weak compared to a TFlop in desktop gpu standards right. An Hd Radeon 5570 at 1 tflop is 3x more powerful than a tflop power vr chip. And thats Amd’s least powerful chip AMD’s Radeon 7990 and Nvidias Geforce Gtx Titan are at 5Tflops

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