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5 Reasons To Wait For The Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Sep 29,2013 2 Comments

Galaxy S5 is still months away from its arrival, but the fan base for this smartphone has touched a big count already. It is one of the most talked and rumored smartphones of current time. Many people are following the rumors about this smartphone and are waiting for its arrival desperately. The question that might have hit your mind is – why so much desperation for Galaxy S5? Why you should wait for Galaxy S5? To get a satisfactory answer to this puzzling question, read out the article ahead. Writing about the 5 reasons why you should wait for Galaxy S5.

5 reasons to wait for galaxy s5

Metal Case

No more plastic! Yeah, no more need to play with plastic after paying a huge amount. As per the rumors, Samsung is all set to bring Galaxy S5 with metal case in it. Well, it’s nothing surprising, as Samsung has been criticized many a times for delivering cheap plastic look in its ‘premium’ devices. This is the area where company lacks behind. Samsung Galaxy S5 will change this trend. As per a most recent report, Samsung has even ordered the material to Taiwanese supplier that makes cases for devices like HTC One, iPhones and iPads. There have been rumors of Galaxy S5 with carbon fiber body too, but metal body seems favorite here.

Android 4.4 KitKat and Tizen OS

As per the most recent rumors, Samsung Galaxy S5 would come up in Android 4.4 KitKat OS and Tizen OS based versions. Although it is something unconfirmed, but if we take the rumors anything to go with, like we mostly do, then we can expect the Galaxy S5 versions running Android 4.4 KitKat and Tizen. The catch here is Tizen. A premium Samsung smartphone running OS other than Android will be something interesting to taste, right? However, we believe Samsung will launch a new line up of phones for Tizen OS instead of introducing it in Galaxy S5 and it will only come with Android.

ISOCELL Image Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 will help Samsung compete with high-end camera devices like Lumia 1020, HTC One, iPhone 5S. How? This smartphone will come up with ISOCELL image sensor. Samsung has announced this technology, and it is highly likely that Galaxy S5 will come up with it. This technology will allow you to click photos with higher color fidelity and better light sensitivity. This technology is the top-notch reason for photography freaks to wait for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Fingerprint Technology

Apple has done it! iPhone 5S boasts fingerprint technology, named Touch ID particularly. It’s now turn of Samsung to impress its fans by bringing this technology in Galaxy S5. The fingerprint technology is meant to make user’s experience smoother than ever before and to enhance the security, of course. As per the rumors, the company has almost done working on this technology and we can hope to see it in Galaxy S5. However, latest reports suggest that there won’t be fingerprint scanner technology in Galaxy S5, but we still hope Samsung introduce it in the S5.

64-bit Chip Processor

Samsung Galaxy S4 is really fast, agree? Expect the Galaxy S5 to be faster, or even fastest of all smartphones, as it may have 64-bit chip processor in it. Shin Jong-Kyun, mobile business chief of Samsung, in an interview with the Korea Times, said that 64-bit processing functionality will be soon there in company’s next ‘premium’ smartphones. Galaxy S5 is also one ‘next premium’ smartphone of Samsung, right? So, Galaxy S5 will be the fastest and most powerful smartphone in 2014.

The list does not end here. There are going to be lot more amazing and new features in the Galaxy S5 which we don’t know about at the moment. Flexible display and advanced air gesture features are also being rumored. What are your expectations from Galaxy S5? Which features you want to see in the S5? Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. This is definitely going to be my next phone, was thinking of buying Xperia Z1 but not now. I really hope it also packs the fingerprint technology, I’m fed up of entering passwords every time to unlock my phone (:|

  2. It means everything copied from apple don’t they have their own ideas to bring up

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