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Galaxy S5 to feature 16 MP camera, perhaps made by Sony

Galaxy S5 Oct 25,2013 1 Comment

For all tech addicts out of you, it’s needless to mention that Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S5, is the most talked smartphone of ongoing days. After getting tons of rumors about the hardware and software part, we now have the report about the camera of the device. This report comes from Korean website ETNews. The report says that Galaxy S5 will come up with 16MP rear camera, which will either be supplied by Sony, or by Samsung. This latest report rejects all the previous rumors that claimed about 13MP camera in the Galaxy S5. Even in our Galaxy S5 concept, we predicted 16 MP camera for it.

galaxy s5 camera 16 mp

Galaxy S5 concept designed by us also features 16 MP camera.

The most interesting part that comes from this report is the possible battle between Sony and Samsung LSI to make camera sensor for the Galaxy S5. There are some factors that support the win of Sony over Samsung LSI and some support the reverse. The best supporting factor for Sony is its reputation in making cameras for different devices in the past. The company has made cameras for DSLR and EVIL and point and shoots. Many premium smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, use the camera sensor made by Sony. So Sony can efficiently handle the work of making camera sensor for Galaxy S5.

Talking about Samsung LSI, it recently announced that it will soon start the production of 8-megapixel sensors with ISOCELL technology on large scale. As per now, this technology is available as 13MP module. Samsung LSI is looking forward to increase the production so that it can give a tough competition to Sony while bidding for camera sensor making work for the Galaxy S5. Well, if Samsung LSI is able to give tough competition to Sony, then we can expect it to get the camera sensor production work for Galaxy S5. Wondering why? Come on, Samsung LSI is arm of Samsung. It has good relations with company’s mobile division. Choosing it for the camera production part for Galaxy S5 will help company deliver the device at low price. It will also help Samsung to become independent of any other company, for the camera part at least.

The battle between two companies to take the right to make camera for Galaxy S5 is going to be very interesting. As of now, we just can’t throw our card in any side. Samsung will most likely pick its supply partner for camera part by end of this year. It’s better to wait for that than making any decision on the basis of supporting factors.

Camera quality works as a big factor in deciding sales count of any smartphone. Of course, just the hardware in camera part can’t work alone. It needs to be combined with good software features, which Samsung will do most likely. Perfect combination of both will help Samsung compete the premium camera devices.

Well, we would like to know your opinion in this aspect. What do you think – will Samsung go with its own arm, or with Sony, for the camera part of Galaxy S5? Drop your views in the below comment box. Join us on Facebook & Twitter to receive latest updates.


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  1. My very old sony phone took way better pics than any of the galaxy series so far. Go with lenses, mpixels, and software is very important for light compensation. Zeiss could be excellent lenses, the company certainly makes them, 16mp has that covered, so what else????????

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